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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Most of my clients are couples struggling with relationship/communication issues who desire counseling from a Christian perspective. These couples are often surprised at how bad things have become between them and are desperate to reduce the tension and eliminate the conflict in their home. Often they are wary of the therapy process, wondering how meeting with a third party will help them do something they haven't been able to do on their own. My goal is to help the couple clarify the issues and put into practice IMMEDIATELY some tools that can begin alleviate the tension and build hope. Sometimes one or both partners are hesitant to even embrace hope at all, for fear of being disappointed yet again. That's where a knowledgeable, experienced, therapist can make an impact. Perhaps my most effective first session tool is instilling a new sense of hope in the couple for what CAN BE.

I also treat individuals, couples, and families who need help dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and spiritual issues. My primary focus. though, has been helping couples repair damaged relationships by teaching them how they can effectively apply biblical principles to their marriage in the most practical way possible. Of course, I realize that every situation is different, so I always try to meet clients "where they are" in terms of their own level of spirituality. I've found that the principals I utilize in couples therapy are often very effective even with clients who aren't necessarily devout Christians. 

My experience has been that implementing biblical principles as they apply to marriage greatly enhances the effectiveness of therapy, leading to better outcomes in a much shorter period of time.  I've found over many years in private practice that clients don't want to spend the first few sessions giving lengthy histories. Rather, they want practical, helpful tools to take home and work on as soon as possible. I make every effort to ensure that even the first session offers each client something useful that they can begin to implement (or at least consider) immediately.

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