Leslie Gleason, MA, LPC, LCPC-S, LPCC, LMHC, RPT

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  • Child and Adolescent Therapist
  • 1201 NW Jefferson Street Suite D, Blue Springs, Missouri, 64015
  • Phone: 816-427-1148
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If you want to feel seen, heard, known, and would like someone to navigate your concerns with all while receiving skills and helpful guidance, then contact me today or visit our website at www.ymhservices.com.
I am  a fully Licensed Professional Counselor in 5 states (Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, California, and Hawaii), Certified in Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for those with trauma, and also a Registered Play Therapist. 
I have years of experience with families, teens, and children not only as a therapist but as a parent myself with a blended family background. I find this very helpful, because I have a wider lens on how I can help you and your family. Training can get you the basics, but real life experience with that is what you will find most helpful.
I have a special interest in providing care for children/teens who struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, PTSD, self esteem, and family concerns, and am often called the "teen whisperer".
For child and teens issues our entire office exclusively works with children and adolescent concerns. We have Registered Play Therapists, play therapy rooms, sand tray therapy, and tons more. Plus our offices are designed with kids in mind to help ease the fears of starting therapy. 
For the kiddo with ADHD concerns I have years of experience working with children and adolescents with ADHD concerns. Helping with skills to reduce these concerns and working with schools on how to improve your child's success in the classroom. 
For kiddos with depression I offer coping skills to reduce these concerns that work specifically for you. No "cookie cutter one size fits all" approach. I adjust our methods to fit your needs. 
For my Parents I offer family and parenting sessions to our clients parents. This allows for the ability to help your child holistically. It takes a village right? 
If you are navigating these concerns I offer individualized treatment plans that are set around your goals. My main priority is to give you a place where you can process your concerns, and provide you with guidance to walk through those with skills.
I believe that being there not only to provide the skills needed to help an individual is needed, but to also be there to allow the client some space to really process what they are going through. Allowing you to be in control of your own therapy/path we take. 
I am here for your therapeutic journey! 

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