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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 404 East Broad, Mansfield, Texas, 76063
  • Phone: 817-357-5795
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  • Session Fees: $ 100.00 per session, not per hour. A sliding fee can be discussed, and credit cards are accepted.

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Grief, loss, mourning: the feeling of despair, of unimaginable pain; it comes in many forms and may seem insurmountable. Grief and trauma and life transition is all I specialize in. I have been in the "field" for over 15 years and it is my privilege to have been not only given a specialized education and training in the subject but I have a unique, lengthy experience in helping women and their families as they try to integrate an experience never requested, never prayed for but yet, suffering thru. I would be honored to "bare witness" to your or your loved ones pain. I am faith based and besides my background, it is the source of my strength. This area of "therapy" is all I do. My practice is called "Somewhere in Between", because I believe from my own loss that is where we are while being bereaved. We are no longer where we yearn to be and we have not yet reached where we are going. We are in suspension and it is painful and we need companions we can trust who won't promise to heal us, because we are not sick. Grief/mourning is a natural, organic state. I do promise, I'll come along side of you and I'll remain, while you reach the new place of meaning and purpose in this life. 

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