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  • 5086 Hammonds Mill Road, Falling Waters, West Virginia, 25419
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      5086 Hammonds Mill Rd.
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So that you may know me better, I received a Master of Arts in Counseling from WestVirginia University in 1998, with academic internship completed at Shepherd College. For three years I worked with the college population at Shepherd University. For 2 years I worked in the area of domestic violence at Shenandoah Women's Center in Martinsburg. This comes after a 36-year career as a co-owner of a prominent information bureau in the DC area. I have achieved a Licensed Professional Counselor’s designation,which is two-year certification with supervision process and allows me to practice mental health counseling in the state of WV. I am also Nationally Certified
Problem Gambler Counselor. 

My approach toward counseling is somewhat holistic and eclectic. I believe a supportive counseling environment works to help a client toward awareness, thus leading to healing and personal growth. My role is to help you explore your emotional needs and provide feedback. Hopefully, the value will be realized in both behavioral and emotional changes. Just how long you wish to receive counseling is a decision we can make together. You are in control and may end the process at anytime. 

Information discussed in sessions will remain confidential with very few exceptions. I am legally required to report information revealed if there is an indication of possible danger to oneself or others or I receive information about child abuse, elderly abuse, or disabled abuse. I may consult with a clinical psychologist about your case. And, although your information may be discussed with this entity, your identity will not be revealed.

If, at any time during counseling, you are not happy with the way counseling is going, please let me know. We can discuss your expectations and redefine goals. It is also important to understand that however close our professional relationship, for ethical reasons it cannot become a personal relationship outside of our sessions. I will always work with you, your spouse or family to the best of my training, knowledge and abilities. If I, at any time, feel I can no longer be of professional assistance to you and your situation, I will suggest a referral to another professional for the benefit of your emotional and physical health.

Studies have shown that if a client is engaged in counseling that the client feels better about their situation. My invitation is that a client talk about their situation, emotions and I will provide my best feedback without judgment. This process is integral to the counseling process.  


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