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  • Marriage and Family Therapist, Yoga Instructor
  • 255 S. 17th Street, Suite 1305, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103
  • Phone: 267-606-5676
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  • Session Fees: $130 to $150 per session; Clinician does accept Cigna Insurance; Sliding Scale offered. Please contact clinician for more information regarding fees and payment options.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

It is a mystery as to why things happen to us. It becomes even more complex as to how we will heal. Sometimes the emotional pain can become too difficult to get through alone and we often seek additional help. Whether you're suffering from a loss of a loved one, a marital conflict, stress, anxiety, or even PTSD, there is still hope. I believe that true healing comes from healthy attachments to self and others, meaningful mind-body connections, and by gaining better control over your thoughts, emotions, and physical being. 

I am a certified yoga instructor and marriage and family therapist who works collaboratively with clients to deal with past traumas, anxiety, grief and relationship issues by incorporating yoga, talk therapy and mindfulness techniques. My approach is very empathic and I take my time to better understand each individual's needs.
No two people are alike. Therefore, therapy requires a sensitive, unique and creative approach to each individual. I respect and deeply care about who you are and what you bring to therapy. Not only will I help you to regain confidence, control and hopefulness over your life and relationships, I will also help you to better understand how to cope with future dilemmas. My goal is to provide long lasting change in marriages, families and in individual's life. 

I also offer a unique practice of individual and couples yoga to enhance self awareness, combat intimacy and trust issues, assist in dealing with trauma, reduce anxiety and stress, and to help the body and mind feel more relaxed, stronger, and at peace with self and others.
I have spent the past few years at Child Guidance Resource Centers gaining experience and training in Systemic, Structural Family Therapy, working with individuals, couples and families facing a variety of mental health issues including trauma, Autism, and grief. I worked with a diverse population in Philadelphia suffering from domestic violence, adult/child sexual and physical abuse, divorce, poverty, ADHD, defiant disorder, high family conflict and marital discord. Through this experience, I learned that there is always hope when there is adequate help.
I received my Master's Degree from Thomas Jefferson University and clinical training at The Council for Relationships in Philadelphia, PA.  

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