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My journey to becoming a therapist was an unusual one. Even though it had been my dream to own a clinic like Integrated Counseling and Wellness throughout my undergraduate degree, having a family, military obligations, and career advancements all got in the way of going back to school for my doctorate. After 8 years, 3 kids, 1 dog, an MBA, and a couple moves across the country, I made the career change.
I am happily doing what I love and my clients can tell. I am not a lazy therapist.

I received my Masters degree in Marriage Family Therapy at Texas Tech University (TTU) and once my research is finished I will receive a Ph.D from TTU as well. I am also a certified herbalist and a doctor student in AMNAH's Herbal Medicine program. My research is focused on how master therapists help clients heal and how to integrate herbal therapies into the counseling process.
I am a marriage family therapist and clinical herbalist who specializes in the treatment of: 

• anxiety disorders
• couples therapy
• depressive disorders
• mental and/or emotional exhaustion
• adult ADD/ADHD

During the course of my studies I have become particularly interested in anxiety and depressive disorders. I have dedicated a significant portion of my practice to those suffering with different forms of anxiety and depression.  I also focused my study and attention on working with couples who are unable to connect emotionally, and helping them gain the skills they need to connect and enhance their relationship.  

In addition, I work regularly with clients dealing with:
• feelings of inadequacy
• sleep issues 
• couple sex issues
• domestic violence
• relationship/family issues
• poor life satisfaction

Due to my experience as an olympic weightlifter and my herbal training I also work with clients dealing with issues related to athletic performance and recovery. 


I believe that healing comes from a willingness to learn new ways of being and by identifying destructive cycles and replacing them with more healthy ones. Experientially learning new skills and cultivating compassion for ourselves and others are keys in this process. Experiencing honest, deserved, and deep self-compassion and acceptance creates space for an entirely new way of interpreting past, current and future events. It provides a safer, more loving, and wiser lens to view life through.  When this process is accompanied with faith, work, commitment, and patiencechange becomes likely. 

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