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Sometimes we need to talk it out. Not for sympathy, but to find truth that guides us to our purpose and peace within ourselves. Struggling with conflicts within yourself and with others? To help you on your journey, Dr. Margie Mirell specializes in Somatic Experience for Complex Trauma, Grief Recovery, Imago Relationship Therapy and Sex Therapy. She can teach you to avoid pain, change behavior patterns, and dialogue with Safer Conversations for more creative, productive, and healing solutions. With her Ph.D. in Sexology, Dr. Mirell can help you fully embrace your sexual self through raising desire and fostering open communication.

With the right tools, you can heal and learn from the past. We can gain insight and build hope, which creates a more meaningful life. Find the key to connecting fully with your true self and with others. Discover satisfaction in every aspect of your life through Jungian Dream Analysis, Mindfulness and Brainspotting.

Know you have taken an important first step. With warmth and empathy, Margie can help you overcome your struggles and achieve your goals. She will provide a safe and nurturing space for you that allows you to express yourself free of judgement and find your true voice. Together, you can discover the inner peace and joy, we all seek.

Education and Background:

Margie’s journey to becoming a psychotherapist was built on a combination of many varied life experiences. Having a bachelor’s degree from California State University at Northridge, magna cum laude, in both Psychology and Art, she continued her education by attending many seminars and conferences. After college, Margie worked for 10 years as a Vice President of Marketing for a mid-sized computer company during the 1980’s.

After not having been satisfied with the business world, Margie decided to pursue her dream profession, psychology. The experience and process of this second profession has provided her with understanding. Her goal is now and always has been to help people in dealing with the everyday, the unusual challenges of life and to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

She followed her dream at Antioch University and, after years of study, mastered the Jungian analysis she uses with her clients today. She also interned at North Hollywood Hospital specializing in Eating Disorders and Addictions. Most recently, she expanded her expertise earning a Ph.D. in Sexology from Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.


Margie has a passionate belief that a deep sense of resilience and personal happiness results from healing our past and dealing with present life experiences. This process of understanding our past wounds allows for new healthy relationship, communication and decisions. Old destructive patterns are transformed into safe conversations, positive relationships and healthy behavior patterns.


Dr. Margie Mirell, Ph.D., is a clinical psychotherapist. Who specializes in the treatment of:

·       PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, trauma therapy

·       Sex Addictions

·       Intimacy Issues

·       Eating disorders

·       Family issues, infidelity, dating

·       Relationship issues, couples and partners

She has extensive training in Jungian dream work, Relationship counseling, and Hypnosis at Semel Institute UCLA. She also has experience in Somatic Experience Trauma Therapy.

Her clinical focus has been on the intersection of neuropsychology, affect regulation and the impact of family systems with a psychodynamic approach.


In addition, she works regularly with clients dealing with:

* Anxiety, Depression

*Self-Improvement, Personal Growth

*Work Conflicts

*Psychological abuse, Narcissistic and Borderline



Imago Relationship Therapy

Safe Conversations

Grief Recovery

Psychoanalytic Eating Disorders 

Insights- Jungian Executive Coach for Team Building



“We are born in relationships, we are wounded in relationships, and we can be healed in relationships.” 

Harville Hendrix.

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