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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 1324 Lake Drive SE, Suite 4, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49506
  • Phone: (616) 222-9857
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  • Session Fees: $175 (50 minute session) Billing statements provided if needed.

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I view each person I work with as a unique expression of life and a holistic matrix. As you move through life, you develop patterns and behaviors that cause disharmony in the body, mind, and spirit. 

Disharmony shows up as…

➔ Anxiety

➔ Depression
➔ Chronic ill-health

➔ Relationship conflict

➔ Unhealthy stress

This happens when one or more of your dimensions of being is out of balance. I will offer practical tools and teach you ways to get relief from your suffering and struggles. 

But our work together can go much further. 

My Process

My process involved two key steps.


1. We discuss your needs and personal goals for counseling. 

In assessing your needs, I take into consideration the "whole" of who you are and the road map of how to get there. 

2. We lay the foundation for the necessary change.

Together we establish building blocks for new growth and fundamental personal shifts. The results are different for each person and their unique circumstances. However, this process will move you beyond symptom management to a state of wellness. 

You don't just feel "better”, you experience renewal, ease of being, and come to know and live deep peace.



I have earned graduate degrees and credentials in 

◎ Counseling Psychology

◎ Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation

◎ Holistic Health Care

I’ve also spent the last 25 years in rigorous professional training from nationally and internationally recognized mentors, teachers, and guides in various disciplines and backgrounds. including …

◎ Christian and Sufi Mysticism 

◎ Taoism

◎ Shamanism

◎ Transpersonal Psychology at the Omega Institute

◎ Dialogue for Conflict Resolution at the Esalen Institute

This has helped me understand the true nature of healing and how to be a guide for embodying it. 

Most importantly, I remain an eager student of the art of counseling and of life. I continue to consciously engage in my own personal growth and transformation, knowing that a healer can only help another go as far as they have gone in their own growth. 

Ultimately, the way I practice counseling is the way I live life...fully engaged in the present moment.

I'm committed to being a catalyst for the necessary movement in your life that will clear out issues at their core and free you up to experience the power and joy of being alive. This is not a silver bullet, it is reality therapy. 

I offer a process that brings about permanent, life-affirming change.


I look forward to working with you.


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