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  • Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
  • 1822 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, British Columbia, V8R 1B9
  • Phone: 250-886-3992
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  • Session Fees: $180/hr with Sliding Scale available upon request
  • www.soulsilhouettehealing.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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I love my family, chocolate, yoga, kung fu and counselling!  Ever since I was a teenager, I've striven to walk a spiritual path with practical feet.  That path has taken me around the world and allowed me to spend years living, teaching, and learning while I immersed myself in many different cultures in countries such as Indonesia, Israel, Taiwan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.
I am modern, holistic and systemic in my approaches.  I will work alongside you while you find increased balance, clarity, connection, and contentment in your life and relationships.  I will tailor each session to best suit your needs leaving you feeling understood, refreshed, and grounded.I will invite you to choose from conventional counselling, somatic experiencing to rebuild your resiliency and capacity lost in past traumas, and using yoga/kung fu to unlock those places in the body where you store your feelings. Together, these approaches are a powerful combination that allows for whole self healing.  
There is so much benefit in Somatic Experiencing that I encourage every client to approach counselling through this lens.  Somatic Experiencing works at a level deeper than behaviours, feelings and thoughts... it works with your nervous system.  A dysregulated nervous system is the cause of  states of Anxiety and Depression among others.  It is also often the source of many of our unhelpful belief and behaviour patterns. When our nervous system is out of whack, it can leave us quick to anger or sadness, leave us overwhelmed and unable to function, or leave us with sleep, energy and other physical issues.  These can all lead to us seeking out help from a counsellor.  That's exactly the right thing to do... especially one with a background in Somatic Experiencing Therapy.
Everyone has had trauma in their lives.  These traumas look like obvious traumatic events such as life altering car accidents and violent attacks.  However, the smaller events in your life can also be considered traumatic by your nervous system.  A fall off your bike, a near death fright, and being lost at the supermarket can all be traumatic depending on your age, the end result, and the nervous system's capacity on that day.  Even as a baby, a loud noise can frighten you to such an extent that it is traumatic and stays with you your entire life!  These bigger and smaller traumas from our past effect our present, sometimes dramatically and seemingly beyond remedy.  I will work with your to renegotiate these traumas and rebuild your nervous system's capacity and resiliency!  You'll immediately feel you have more energy, you sleep better and your outlook will become brighter.  The best part is that you don't have to relive the worst of these traumas to find peace and healing. All trauma work, even the smaller events, benefits your well-being and moves you towards regulation and a robust nervous system!

I strive to connect with you in a professional manner while remaining approachable, flexible and with a sense of humor in tact! I am non-judgemental, direct, and compassionate, and most importantly, I will work with you to meet your goals and direction in life. 

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