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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Supervisor
  • 2591 Dallas Parkway, Frisco, Texas, 75034
  • Phone: 972-489-2658
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  • Session Fees: Fees are based on length of session and session type. My standard session is 60 min. (You will find most therapist offer 45/50 min sessions. Sessions can range from 60-120 min or longer based on clients needs.
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Welcome, I am honored you have taken time out of your day to look at my site and make a step forward to making a positive change. Life is filled with challenges that affect each of us in different ways. I believe that how we approach and overcome those challenges helps shape us and allow us to experience life to the fullest. My philosophy for therapy is both collaborative and holistic. I view therapy as collaboration between my clients and myself, and as your therapist, I will strive to understand your goals and help you identify barriers in achieving them. I hope to empower you with the gift to deepen your overall quality of life beyond problem solving.
I believe successful therapy embodies a deep respect for the uniqueness of each person with whom I work. I consider the mind, body, spirit, and the relationships of my clients, as I consider it vital for therapeutic growth. Because every person is unique, I listen very carefully to everything you say, and custom tailor therapy to your specific needs and goals. Our sessions will be SAFE, CARING, AND CONFIDENTIAL so you can freely express yourself. Together, we'll start where you are today, build on what's healthy, identify and resolve your limiting issues, and nurture positive qualities to help unlock your potential for the kind of enjoyable life you deserve!
I am a systemically and relationally trained therapist who values the mind, body, and sprit. Current research and experience-based treatments guide my work. Being a relational trained therapist, I see the importance in considering the relationships in client's lives (spouses significant others, friends, parents, children, work mates, etc.). Relationships are at the heart of every being. It is important to feel connected, heard and valued. It is part of being human. I help people learn how to connect with one another and with themselves. When working with couples Emotionally Focused Couples therapy (EFT) informs my work. Research shows that couples that participate in EFT couples therapy are more successful than any other forms of couple's therapy. I often work with individuals who are struggling with their relationship or possibly heartbreak. You do not have to be in a relationship to benefit from relationship counseling.

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