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In my years of practice I have come to understand that although our beliefs and circumstances may vary, each of us shares the common need for growth, connection and a sense of belonging. The quality of our relationships plays an absolutely critical role in the way that we live, love and engage with our lives.

I feel so passionate about the process of developing and enhancing the quality of our relationships that I have consciously chosen to focus my practice on addressing couples relationship concerns. As a wife and mother of 5, my personal and professional insight allows me to offer a compassionate, collaborative and pragmatic approach to relationship wellness.

Couples Relationship Counselling

The damaging implications of ineffective communication, infidelity, boundaryless fighting, and unmet needs stifle our sense of communication, intimacy and trust within a relationship. In my work with couples my goal as a therapist is, ultimately, to leave the relationship in a better state than it was before difficulties prevented it from proceeding in a healthy direction. In couples therapy, I facilitate dialogue that builds understanding and resolves conflict by using communication and skill building to deepen the bond and rebuild intimacy.

I have a true passion for helping others build relationships that nurture and empower them, and I understand that working with a therapist to discuss and resolve highly charged issues can be difficult or uncomfortable. For this reason, my work is rapport based and facilitated with primary focus on non-judgment and of fostering a sense of safety for my clients to feel at ease entering this work. Working collaboratively means showing vulnerability and committing to honesty in order to reap all the rewards of this important work.

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