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My career actually started as a bank teller in Abilene, Texas in 1995. By the time 1999 rolled around, I had moved across the country and was managing one of the busiest banking centers in Columbus when I knew my life was calling on me to go a different direction. So I left banking, went back to school, and earned my masters in Clinical Counseling.

During that time I got an internship providing group therapy for men struggling with sexual issues or a previous history of domestic violence in conjunction with the State of Ohio. I was asked to join the Central Ohio Batterer Intervention Coalition and was eventually voted chairman.

After graduating I got a job with a large community based mental health agency working with families in crisis. I would travel to their homes, schools, or anywhere else in the community I was needed to help these families try to stay together and address whatever challenges they were having with their children.

Finally in 2004 I left community mental health for a group practice in Dublin but all the work I did with those families stuck with me. It became clear to me that in so many of these families the kids were acting out because they were worried about the stability of their parent’s relationship. It was also clear that many of the struggles parents were having trying to set healthy boundaries with their children came from trauma they had experienced over the years. This is why I decided to specialize in two areas: marital/couples counseling and adult trauma recovery.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of couples fundamentally change the direction of their relationship from one of strife and gridlock to one characterized by genuine fondness, respect, and a nurturing unity. I’ve also worked with just as many adults to help them understand how their past trauma is currently impacting them (whether at work, in relationships, or their self-esteem) and address the root causes of these issues to help them finally close that chapter of their life and begin a new one of their choosing.

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