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  • Marriage Family Therapist
  • 1197 Valencia, San Francisco, California, 94110
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  • Is your relationship in trouble?
  • Are you trapped in a negative cycle, fighting all the time?
  • Have you lost trust in your partner?
  • Has someone told you you need to get help or they can't stick around?

Meet Peter 
With over 25 years of experience as a therapist here in the Bay Area, I have helped many men and women get back on track. My mindfulness approach assures that you will learn actual skills you can take into your life so you can feel better, communicate better and solve relationship problems. 
My many years training in couples, group and system dynamics allows me to help you see the critical trigger points, system dynamics and phases of development that underlay many of our human problems, for individuals, couples, parents, co-workers, teams, community work or organizations.
I help you see these patterns in a way that reduces the pain we all feel when we take things personally, and give you and your partner ways to instead build constructive patterns that help you feel better.
What a Session Looks Like
Once we get going,  in a typical session, we would begin exploring awareness of the present moment and what you sense in your body. This gives you a here-and-now foundation to build on. Then I would ask you what YOU want to work on. Together we would create an exploration of your issue and identify critical turning points or triggers. I would offer you ways to reduce anxiety, stress, guilt, despair, confusion- things that get in the way of feeling better and thinking clearly. The path clears ahead of you- you will begin to discover inside of yourself critical awareness, feelings and insights that give you new ground.
Men's Issues and Men's Groups 
Through my men's groups, I have come to specialize in in men's issues- anger management, loss of emotional awareness, isolation and lack of friendships and emotional support. I find that men have often lost their voice through social training & early trauma and that they are wary but hopeful of finding a place to speak their truth. I also of course enjoy working with women, spouses and do couples therapy.
  • Men's Groups in San Francisco: Monday 7:00 PM, Thursday 6:00 PM
  • Men's Groups in Albany: Tuesday 8:AM, Tuesday 7:30 PM, Wednesday 7:15 PM
  • Call to set up an interview 

Get Help Now
I encourage you to call me, text me or email me so we can set up an appointment and begin to get help right away. 
 Mindfulness Psychotherapy has a proven track record helping people improve relationships, feel better, feel less isolated and bad about themselves and accomplishing their most important life goals. 

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