Renee Murphy-Hughes, M.A., FPT, LPC

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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 80th Street, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, 53158
  • Phone: 262-423-6273
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  • Session Fees: No insurance accepted at this time. My fees are listed on my website. I do however, offer a sliding scale depending on the circumstances. My fees are low and are for a full 60 min session in any venue.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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I'm Renee -  a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Parent Educator. I have worked in these fields for 27 yrs. Working with people in both the therapeutic and educational environments inspire me to continue to grow, learn, and be open to new perspectives. It's important to remember there are no absolutes (except maybe in science & math)!

I am one of a small handful of mental health professionals provide services in more than one venue.
By Distance services using 1) phone or 2) - By webcam teleheath.

I love working with people and hearing what it is about themselves or their life situations that they would like to see changed and what they like about their lives. Showing clients that they can use their strengths to make the changes, I see the positive in people and like to help them set goals and actions to get to where they'd like to be emotionally, mentally, physically, in their career pursuits, relationships, spiritually, and the different roles they assume in their lives....I believe that the combination of my skills, knowledge, and personality as the professional and the client/clients motivation and commitment working as a team is the basis for effective and powerful work!

It's important to remember though that I cannot want more for you than you want for yourself. I am an active Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist also using Solution Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy as well as seeing life through the lens of a Humanistic and Existential Prospective. I also counsel people who have experienced trauma. I use articles, worksheets, and home exercises or readings to supplement our sessions. I fairly expect my clients to be fully engaged in their sessions. I share my knowledge, philosophies, tools, strategies, and education with them, and they then apply that as they see fit to their particular situations.
There is no “one” right way, but there are different ways of doing things that will lead to better results and outcomes for ourselves.The team approach is what sets the stage for a successful, therapeutic, working relationship and positive outcome.

* I see adult individuals.
*Couple's Counseling
*Family Counseling 
"We all have 'Our Journey Through Life' to take and call our own". ~ Renee

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