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I am a therapist who has a deep understanding of problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties etc.. This understanding comes as a result of my academic background as well as from having found the courage to seek help for my own struggles in life.   I know what it is like to have  difficulties and to try and work through problems in life.  We all have personal and relationship troubles to over-come, and turning to a competent and qualified therapist who can provide confidential support and advice at such times,  can be most reassuring and helpful.

Therapy is not for the weak. It is for people who choose to face their fears and insecurities in order to come to an understanding of who they truly are and to learn new ways of coping with their problems. This is the only way to truly live a successful life. Seeking professional help can mean the difference between being absorbed into one's problems, or using such problems as a catapult to build resiliency and work towards greater life enhancement.

 My own personal recovery process was the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life. Counselling created a solid foundation from which I now meet challenges personally and professionally in all areas of my life. My goal as a qualified and professional therapist is to help you identify and clarify blocks that prevent YOU from reaching YOUR potential in life.

I believe that happiness, peace, joy and love are available to all people, despite their past actions or circumstances, provided they are willing to seek help, and, help themselves. The road to change can be a quick and simple path, however, in most cases people need to have perseverance, willingness, and professional counselling.

 Personally, I have accomplished many things in my own life, and have attained a high level of academic achievement, which  allow me to pass on to others all that I have learned through my own personal journey.   The greatest happiness and joy in my life today are the experiences I share with my wife and two children. I am truly grateful for the rewards that therapy has brought me, and I sincerely want to help you experience the same joy in your life.

My education, work experiences, as well as my own personal background have provided me with excellent qualifications that will help you overcome the devastating and destructive cycles you may sometimes unknowingly create in your own life.  In addition, I can honestly say I would never give advice to anyone that I haven’t taken myself or wouldn’t do myself if I were in the same situation.  

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