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The Psychology of Money & Wealth
 Dr. Lami is an internationally renowned psychologist, an expert on the psychology of money, success, and relationships and is widely recognized as one of the most insightful voices on personal and professional development.
A Heart and Mind Alchemist
Dr. Lami’s clients recognize her as having profound insight and wisdom that is beyond textbook knowledge: she is intuitively gifted at understanding people and their inner workings. For over 18 years she has been helping individuals, couples and families resolve challenges created by their financial status and better understand their relationship with money and wealth. In her work, Dr. Lami guides her clients to understand themselves better, find solutions to their challenges and inspires them to take action.
Her clients call her a “Heart and Mind Alchemist” because of her ability to perceive beyond what is on the surface. Dr. Lami sees her clients’ greatness and empowers them to create positive, long-term change. Unlocking inner dynamics, Dr. Lami provides her clients with insights, tools and techniques to help them break through limitations and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing their goals. In addition to her unique work in the field of Wealth Psychology, Dr. Lami has developed a process that examines the connection between emotional intelligence and improved performance.
Speaker and Teacher
She was invited to develop and teach a course on the “Psychology of Wealth: Our Relationship with Money” in the Executive MBA Program in Asset and Wealth Management at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. During her more than 18 years as a psychologist, Dr. Lami has spoken at conferences and events and has given seminars, workshops and keynotes around the world. After developing the Executive MBA course, she has continued to develop programs and teach independently, and currently offers two continuing education courses on the subject. The courses are designed to equip private bankers, financial advisors, CPA’s, attorneys and other asset and wealth management professionals with a greater knowledge of the emotional, non-financial complexities surrounding wealth management and to help them better understand and serve their clients.
Published Writer
Dr. Lami has published over 100 articles and has contributed to the book Roadmap to Success – along with other writers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra – on the subject of Affluenza and Wealth Psychology. Her recent book, the first in a trilogy, will be published soon and is based on her Ph.D. research findings: it uncovers the universal key practices to achieving success in life – be it financial, emotional or spiritual, or simply wanting to have a successful relationship.

In the Media
 Dr. Lami’s work in the field of Wealth Psychology has been widely discussed in the media. She has appeared on national and international TV and has written articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines. CNN, BBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, Financial Times, and The Guardian have all featured her work, and her knowledge has been published in various print and online journals and magazines worldwide.

Dr. Lami holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a M.Sc. in Industrial Psychology. She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with the California Board of Psychology, a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist.Dr. Lami is also a member of:
The American Psychological Association
The British Psychological Society
The California Psychological Association
The Los Angeles County Psychological Association
The National Council for Hypnotherapy

Written Works by Ronit Lami

Understanding the Concept of Coaching in the area of Wealth Management
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Affluenza Cocktail: Power, Money and Gender
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