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South Okanagan Counselling is a team of ethical, compassionate, and impeccably skilled therapists that effectively partner with clients in their journey toward optimal wellbeing.

We offer Clinical Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Family, Clinical Supervision for practicing Therapists/Counsellors and Low Cost Counselling.

Meet the Team

Stefanie Iverson, MC, RCC

Specialty: Individuals & Couples
Issues: Anxiety | Life Stress | Maternal Mental Health | Grief & Loss | Trauma
Modalities: Strength-Based | Mindfulness/ACT | Gottman Method | Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) | Life Stress Reduction (LSR)

I believe that counselling is a collaborative process in which my role is to walk alongside each of my clients, providing them with the emotional support and psycho-educational tools to draw upon the strength & solutions that inherently lie within them. I consider it a privilege to be invited into people's lives, often during very difficult times, and to be entrusted with the private & intimate details of their struggles. It is my honor to be able to offer a safe place for my clients, and to hold the space for them so that they can feel heard and begin to heal. I work with adult individuals, those seeking relationship & marriage counselling, maternal mental health counselling, and trauma/PTSD counselling.

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Lucinda Bibbs, MC, RCC

Specialty: Individuals & Youth
Issues: Anxiety | Self-Esteem | Workplace Stress | Men's Issues | Trauma | Sexual Abuse
Modalities: Trauma Informed | CBT | NLP Mindset Coaching | Mindfulness | Narrative | Strength-Based

Within my practice, I strongly believe in a holistic mind-body approach to therapy and utilize cognition, emotion, and body sensations to ensure the therapeutic process aligns with my client's needs. Incorporating the benefits of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural therapy, somatic therapy, nature and physical activity, has allowed me to create more connection, acceptance, resilience, and growth within my clients. I facilitate a collaborative strength-focused experience that encourages a better understanding of the self and others to create lasting positive change, happiness, and life balance within clients.
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Dr Christopher Kinman, MSC, PhD, RCC

Specialty: Individuals, Youth, Elders, Families & Clinical Supervision
Issues: Addictions | Anger Management | Conflict Resolution | First Nations | LGBQ2IA2S+
Modalities: Existential | Family Systems | Narrative | Strength-Based

My work has had many unique focuses through the years, including: work with children and youth, family therapy, addictions, working with individuals and families where there is a mental health concern, working with individuals and families where there are legal and criminal matters pressing upon them, and working with a wide diversity of individuals and communities. For almost thirty years I worked with one particular First Nation -- my time with this and other indigenous communities has had a profound influence on how I work with all people.
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Anna Johnson, MA, RCC

Specialty: Individuals & Couples/Families
Issues: Addiction | Conflict Management | Relationship Breakdown | Trauma
Modalities: ACT | Emotion-Focused Couples & Family Therapy | Motivational Interviewing | Eye-Movement Integration (Level 1)

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with couples again. I understand that good relationships take work and that there are significant stresses affecting our lives, especially during these times. In my work with couples, I emphasize the importance of noticing, understanding, and accepting emotions while maintaining a safe space for each person I see.
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 Jennifer Povoledo, RSW, CCC

Specialty: Child, Youth, & Families
Issues: Behavioural Issues | Trauma | Crisis Intervention | Parent Education

Modalities: Holistic Expressive Arts | Play Therapy
Her clinical practice includes working with individuals and families facing anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, abuse, trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, separation and divorce, adoption and behavioural concerns. Jennifer is fully invested in supporting each child and youth and caregiver to provide the best care towards healthy living, acceptance and growth.
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 Zach Hair, CCC

Specialty: Individuals, Youth, & Clergy/Spiritual Leaders
Issues: Addictions | Anxiety | Stress | Grief & Loss | Trauma |Spiritual Distress
Modalities: Existential | Narrative | AEDP | Somatic | Rogerian |
emotion-Focused Therapy | CBT

My goals as a therapist are to encourage and co-create with the client the life
transformation they wish to see within themselves, and the world around them. I believe that
counselling is a shared process in which my role is to journey alongside each client, providing
them with the support, compassion and psycho-educational tools to find clarity in each unique


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 Amy Thain, MA, RCC

Specialty: Individuals
Issues: Anxiety | Trauma | Stress | Compassion Fatigue/Burnout
Modalities: Somatic | ACT | Mindfulness-Based | Neuroscience-Informed Person-Centred | Strengths-based

I have over 10 years experience as a therapist and have a special interest in supporting people with anxiety, trauma, and stress-related concerns. I use an integrated mind-body approach that is trauma-informed and supports the nervous system to function optimally as we work through the challenges of being human. Depending on my client's needs, this can involve shifting perceptions, making meaning of experiences, changing behaviours and/or working towards compassionate acceptance what is outside one's control.
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Deanna Buckner, BSW, RSW

 Specialty: Adult Individuals & Couples
Issues: Trauma | Stress | Burnout/Compassion Fatigue | Grief & Loss | Divorce
Modalities: Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) | Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) | Grief Treatment | Gottman Method | Integrative Therapy | Socratic Dialogue

Deanna's therapeutic approach is rooted in integrative therapy, meaning she draws from various modalities to create a healing framework unique to the client's needs. She believes it is her role to uphold a client's right to self-determination while helping them discover the thoughts and experiences that keep them in a fixed state of dis-ease. Deanna acknowledges it takes immense courage for clients to be curious about what is troubling them, and she engages each session with gratitude and genuine care. Simply, she believes that people begin to heal when they are heard.
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Chizor Vassquez, RSW

Specialty: Adults | Youth | Couples/Families
Issues: Behavioural Issues | Attachment Parenting | Trauma/Abuse | Race-Related Trauma | Suicide Prevention
Modalities: CBT | Culturally Sensitive Therapy | Attachment-Based | Emotion-Focused | Family Systems | Psychodynamic | Collaborative Problem Solving

Chizor has a passion for adolescents from 13 years of age up to 18 and adults of any age. She
also works with families helping them work to communicate more effectively. Chizor uses an
attachment focused, attuned, and eclectic style incorporating many different modalities for an
individualized counseling plan. Some of these modalities include person centered, Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy, and other psychosocial evidence based modalities. She has experience
working with children and families on an international level. She also works well with people with

intellectual and physical disabilities.
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Sheridan Clifford, Masters Intern Counsellor

Specialty: Adult Individuals
Issues: Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Grief & Loss | Self-Esteem | Life Transitions
Modalities: Strength-Based | Trauma Informed | Solution-Focused | CBT

Session rate: $50 + gst

As your counsellor, I will seek to foster our therapeutic connection with empathy, authenticity, and unconditional positive regard. It is my desire to provide the warmth and non-judgment necessary for you to grow to accept yourself, believe in the power of connection, and unlock your inner wisdom and ability to heal. I will seek to listen and understand, collaborate towards your goals, integrate techniques to suit your needs, provide psychoeducational tools, and empower you to take the reins on your journey into fuller healing and wellness.
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Sarah Kennedy, Certified Music Therapist

Specialty: Individuals, Youth, & Groups
Issues: Anxiety | Chronic Pain | Emotional Disturbance | Grief & Loss
Modalities: Music Therapy | Expressive Arts

Music has an amazing capacity to help us heal our pain. As an alternative to talk therapy, I use music to improve the emotional and psychological wellbeing of my clients. Music Therapy harnesses music, as a means for soothing and regulating emotions, expressing and exploring life experiences, redefining who we are and changing how we connect to the world. It is deeply connected to memories, culture, identity, relationship experiences and beliefs. Whether you are a seasoned musician or simply a music lover; music is the language of emotion. This is an experiential, creative approach to therapy that anyone can try. Learn more about Sarah here 

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