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I am a registered MA psychologist with a unique blend of life experience and professional training. I have worked in multidisciplinary teams and leadership development specialist and psychological consultant in an industrial setting. I am comfortable with in-person meetings and with virtual methods of communication and I have found that, whether with individuals or groups, the setting does not need to limit the therapeutic experience.

Should you choose to see me, my first interest will be in what you want from therapy. The therapeutic process is about you! My values are important, but yours will guide your therapy. This is the case whether you are seeking help to deal with stressful life events, relationship issues, depression, symptoms of anxiety, low self-esteem, crisis of confidence or any other personal problem – aligning your actions with your values will be essential for your success!

Values on their own are insufficient. Your behavior must align with your values or the disconnect you experience will be unbearable. This is a core tenet of ACT, which is my preferred therapeutic frame of reference. ACT assumes that a full and happy life without pain is not practically possible. True happiness occurs only as we accept reality and mindfully face our problems head-on, rather than avoiding them. We must allow our self to fully experience our actual lives vs an idealized version of our life.

I am most interested in therapy that promotes constructive choices. The founders of ACT claim that ACT naturally complements other therapeutic methods, enhancing their effectiveness – this includes the CBT and CPT that I use. ACT is also appropriate for people of faith whose values reflect their faith. If you are a person of faith, your values will have an added spiritual dimension, so recognizing the disconnects between your stated values and your real-life actions will be doubly important.

PTSD assessment and treatment are an area of interest to me. As people have told their stories PTSD has gone mainstream and treatment has been normalized. CPT is a form of PTSD treatment that helps people who are "stuck" in their trauma and returns them to functional living.

As a therapist, it is most rewarding when a client no longer needs me. More than ever before, we need solutions that will be constructive, will boost resiliency and will promote personal autonomy. That is my goal for all of my clients.

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