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Sunrise Recovery Ranch offers a serene and supportive environment in which men and women can escape the pressures and stresses of everyday life and focus on making the holistic changes that will empower them to achieve long-term recovery.
While healing at Sunrise Recovery Ranch, men and women will live and relax in a warm homelike environment on 10 peaceful and secluded acres in southern California. The tranquility of Sunrise’s setting is mirrored by the compassionate, client-focused care that is provided by the center’s experienced treatment professionals.
All care at Sunrise Recovery Ranch is guided by personalized treatment plans that are developed based upon the results of each client’s thorough admissions assessment. While no two people will have identical treatment experiences at Sunrise Recovery Ranch, certain common elements and features will be included in each person’s time in treatment.
For example, all men and women who heal at Sunrise Recovery Ranch will work in close collaboration with teams of dedicated professionals. In addition to providing a wide range of carefully selected therapeutic interventions, these professionals will also encourage the client to take active ownership of his or her recovery, and will include him or her in the effort to identify short- and long-term treatment goals, evaluate progress, and determine how best to prepare for lifelong success.
Also, all Sunrise clients will also have the opportunity to participate in individual and group therapy, attend educational sessions to learn about a wide range of issues related to addiction and recovery, become familiar with the principles and practices of the 12-Step recovery model, and take part in a variety of structured recreational activities. Services at Sunrise Recovery Ranch are provided in both co-educational and gender-specific settings so that all clients have the opportunity to benefit from both treatment environments.
With an understanding that addiction can have a significant impact on the loved ones of those who struggle with chemical dependency, and with great appreciation for the important role that friends and family members can play in the recovery process, Sunrise Recovery Ranch is proud to involve family members in their loved one’s treatment when possible and appropriate.
Individuals who have been incapable of ridding their bodies of alcohol or other addictive substances prior to starting treatment may participate in detoxification before fully engaging in residential care at Sunrise Recovery Ranch. Under the close supervision of experienced professionals, detox clients will be able to complete withdrawal with maximum safety and minimum discomfort, and can then transition directly into residential care.
Following their successful completion of treatment at Sunrise Recovery Ranch, clients will receive a detailed discharge plan. The discharge planning process begins the day a client enters treatment at Sunrise, and is evaluated and updated throughout his or her time in the program. Upon discharge, the client will have a plan that documents his or her progress at Sunrise and identifies the issues, services, and resources that will be most important to his or her continued recovery.
Sunrise Recovery Ranch has received the gold seal from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is licensed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP). Also, Sunrise is part of the Sober Living by the Sea network, which also includes two other treatment centers in southern California, The Rose and The Landing.

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