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I provide therapy for people -- especially men -- who "have it all", at least from the outside. Having grown up with three brothers, I'm able to approach many issues in a no-nonsense, clear manner which allows people to find the solutions which are already within them. My 40 years experience in therapy will help you achieve your goals.

Therapy for Men
Men tend to shy away from therapy for several reasons.
  • Many men, especially those born in the 50s-70s, were raised not to express their emotions.
  • Therapy seems like it mean a loss of control for men who expect to "be in control". 
  • Men are sometimes asked to express their emotions in a way which doesn't feel manly--and there is manly emotional expression. 

Therapy helps people deal with conflict. You may feel that conflict with work issues, or with your wife or children. Perhaps your conflict is internal -- you don't feel good about yourself, or you aren't connecting with people in your life, or the activities you want to take part in.
Feelings of isolation from your wife or children are common, as is feeling that things "aren't quite right". You might feel that you have failed as a father and parent, or your marriage may lack passion; your sex life may be unsatisfying.
All these feelings are valid.
What therapy can do is to help you find your place. We work together to help you discover the expectations which lead to bad feelings, or the "rules" which you've tried to follow -- which don't provide the fulfillment which was supposed to follow. In a non-judgmental setting, we work as partners on a journey.

In my therapy practice, we identify the issues which are making your life unsatisfying -- as well as exploring their causes. We then find solutions which work to help you manage those concerns. 
Therapy for Women
I work with men, women, and couples to find solutions to concerns related to anxiety and fear, trauma (and PTSD), grief, depression, relationship issues, sexual dissatisfaction, marital conflict, parenting issues, and workplace conflicts.
Therapy for women works whether the causes are biological, environmental, or psychosocial. They can lead to anxiety and depression. Women can also have low self-esteem or self-worth, either because they were raised as if they were second-class, or because of the effects of discrimination.
Therapy for Couples

Couples can become overwhelmed with the things life throws at them. You may end up fighting regularly. You might feel like you're roommates, not spouses. Passion may be gone, or one of you may have considered--or had--an affair.
Therapy for couples helps rebuild your communication and relationship with each other--and it can take work. But working together to develop strategies to build a life together can help you reconnect.

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