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With a mission to help each and every client unearth the root causes of problematic behaviors and addictions, The Refuge, A Healing Place offers life-changing care that can help men and women ages 18 and older heal in mind, body, and spirit. Because trauma has the ability to impact the whole person, The Refuge aims to treat those who come for care with a holistic approach that can bring about positive, everlasting healing. In an atmosphere that is safe and encourages clients to challenge themselves to push beyond their trauma, this center offers programming that is unlike any other. Via research-backed treatment methods, yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation, breathwork, equine therapy, and various trauma-focused approaches, men and women alike can embark on a journey towards healing that assists them in identifying how their past experiences have influenced their present decision-making abilities and circumstances. In doing so, The Refuge’s clients can develop the confidence and skills needed to refrain from maladaptive behaviors and unhealthy thought processes so that they are able to live the healthy and fulfilling lives they deserve. Furthermore, the staff of professionals who provide clients with ongoing support are deeply compassionate and dedicated to the kind of work that they do, which ultimately adds to the quality of the services available at The Refuge.

From the moment a person steps foot on The Refuge’s campus, it is quite apparent that this center is nestled in a special place. Located on 94 picturesque and tranquil acres of the Ocala National Forest in Ocala, Florida, The Refuge offers solace in an environment that is peaceful and extremely conducive to healing. Whether a client is horseback riding along the many trails, or finding a quiet place to sort out thoughts among the luscious landscape, this center embodies nature’s calm at every turn. Additionally, men and women can enjoy many of life’s comforts while residing in the cabins located on-site. Men and women do not live together while receiving care at The Refuge, though they are encouraged to offer and receive encouragement and support to and from one another while partaking in services each day. Be it group therapy sessions or one of the many experiential therapies that are offered, clients at The Refuge are part of a dynamic community in which they can assist one another in becoming the people that they are destined to be. In sum, whether a person is grappling with an addiction to drugs or sex, battling the symptoms of a mental illness like depression or anxiety, or engaging in dangerous behavior like self-harm,
The Refuge supplies the resources and support needed to heal from these concerns and the trauma that lay beneath so that a brighter tomorrow can begin today.      

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