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  • Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI)
  • 1881 Commercenter East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, California, 92408
  • Phone: (909) 907-2256
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  • Session Fees: I offer a sliding scale, but my standard rate is $80 per hour.
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      Do you just need a 'tune-up' of your relationship, or do you struggle with your relationships?  Sometimes it takes courage to seek help, but the good news is that many people can improve their relationships with some help and encouragement. I work as your coach to maximize your emotional intimacy with your self and with others. I use powerful forms of experiential therapy, such as Gestalt therapy and emotionally-focused therapy. This just means that I help you experience your emotions in order to overcome obstacles of addiction, fear or shame and help you reconnect with your self, partner, family, or God.
      I am currently a Ph.D. doctoral candidate in Marital and Family Therapy (expected June 2016), having completed a M.S. already. As a California-registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (IMF 63417), I have been working in the field toward licensure since 2007, and I'm currently supervised by Dr. Ian Chand, Licensed MFT (MFC 21263) of CARE Counselors. When you meet with me, you also get the guidance of my supervisor because I consult with him about my cases.
      I'm a passionate and collaborative therapist who listens to your struggles, and helps you to meet your needs. I have hope for everyone. I respect your different religious beliefs, your marriage commitments, and your right to live according to your convictions. I respect your freedom of choice and won't judge your decisions. I'm a Christian and can integrate spirituality if that is your desire. By integrating different models of therapy tailored to your needs, along with scientific research and systems thinking, I provide in-depth psychotherapy that has saved relationships and made positive changes in peoples' lives.
      Life and therapy can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. I hope we can have the opportunity to join together in this journey.

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