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Thomas Luttrell, PhD

Thomas Luttrell, PhD

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (AMFT)

1881 Commercenter East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, California 92408 | (909) 907-2256

Are you struggling with relationships, addiction, dating, marriage, divorce, conflict, or past hurts? Therapy can save relationships or make a positive change. I provide in-depth psychotherapy, integrating research, systems thinking, and spirituality.

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Grey Matters Intl & Dr. Kevin Fleming(cited expert for NY Times, CNN, Fortune, Sporting News)is all about bold thinking & neuroscience innovation in getting mood/behavior change when shrinking,feel good self-help, and pills aren't cutting it. Indiv/couples/family.

John Kane, AMFT, APCC

John Kane, AMFT, APCC

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Available for Online Therapy

Life is hard and everyone has to deal with suffering and challenges. But you do not need to go through things alone. I provide a safe and understanding environment for you to grow and face any challenge you need or want to process or overcome! Accepting new clients!

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Available for Online Therapy

I strive to provide a nurturing and safe listening and responding environment for you to share your life concerns. My aim is to help discover options and possibilities that can bring hope and encourage successful life steps and liberating choices.

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One of the most famous landmarks in the area is the Arrowhead. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains just outside the city, it is visible for miles. The site measures 1,375 feet long and 449 feet wide. At first glance, it appears to be manmade. On closer inspection, however, the face of the Arrowhead occurs naturally. It is made of light quartz with short white sage growing around the area. The lighter stone and vegetation is in sharp contrast to the other, darker vegetation that surrounds it. Through the years, many legends have been attached to the site. One that has been handed down for generations is that the shape points to the hot springs below. It was believed that the springs contained healing powers. This caused people to think the area was holy ground. Regardless of what you believe about the site, it continues to be a landmark today despite forest fires which have caused erosion over the years.1

Mental Health in San Bernardino

San Bernardino County residents experience more mental health issues on average than the state of California as a whole. Approximately 13 percent of the county's adults have seen a mental health provider for a mental illness or substance abuse issue. Children in the county also report higher rates of sadness than their peers across the state. Poor residents of the county disproportionately suffer from mental illness. Well over 60,000 people living in poverty need mental health care but do not get it.2

The San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health maintains a mission to promote wellness, recovery and resilience for all residents of the county. The department focuses on making quality mental health programs and support services accessible and affordable. The department provides employment assistance for those seeking a job, and also undertakes community outreach programs to increase awareness about mental health issues. Substance abuse evaluations are also available. All programs are delivered in a manner that respects each individual's unique needs. Services are also culturally competent and offered in a least restrictive environment. Additional information is available by calling 909-382-3133.3

Current Education

Those who wish to enter the helping profession as a social worker must first obtain the appropriate degree before being issued a license to practice in California. California State University at San Bernardino offers a graduate program in social work that qualifies graduates to become a licensed clinical social worker. Students receive a wide variety of educational experiences, learning about issues such as gang violence, health disparities, HIV/AIDS, child welfare, and gerontology. The skills and knowledge acquired in the graduate program help students to deliver quality, effective services in a community mental health setting. For more information about the program, call the School of Social Work at 909-537-5501.4


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San Bernardino is located in San Bernardino County, California. It has a land area of 61.51 square miles and a water area of 0.43 square miles.  The population of San Bernardino is 216,108 people with 57,580 households and a median annual income of $37,047. .

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Counseling in this region can be difficult to afford for many people without insurance. Most people in San Bernardino are not able to commit to a weekly therapy session without proper budgeting. The good news is that counselors in San Bernardino may offer sliding scale fees or low cost options. Insurance may cover your sessions as well. Talk to your therapist to learn more. Low cost counseling and affordable therapy are also sometimes offered by listed city and university level clinics, check with your local San Bernardino public health department.