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Reaching out to ask for help sometimes takes a lot of courage. It's usually something we're willing to do only when we've exhausted all other possible means of help with no significant results, so I commend you on your decision to hire a professional counselor or therapist. Finding the right therapist to work with can be a challenge, as we're all so different, with different styles and views on what's helpful in working with people—not to mention that we need to have a good personality mix for every client involved. Be sure to find someone that you feel comfortable working with—because if you can't be yourself and open up with the therapist, you won't be able to make good progress.
When relationships are strong, we feel secure, and can focus our attention in other directions. When relationships are unstable, we may have a hard time concentrating on things aside from our distress. My goal is to help couples build bridges to secure connection in their relationships, which comes after there is a sense of safety developed between the couple. This sense of safety is generally lacking when couples first come to see me. The distress is high...with one partner feeling hurt and offended and reacting to the other in a way that causes further hurt and/or offense. Sometimes it looks like anger in one partner while the other partner shuts down, goes quiet, or checks out, but there's always disconnection that leads to loneliness, sometimes isolation and hopelessness that fuels despair. 
I'd like to work with you to better understand this cycle in your relationship, what's fueling it, and work on changing this destructive cycle so that you move in the direction of having connection you can count on...connection that is characterized by being accessible to each other, responsive to each other, and emotionally present and available to each other. It's the small things that really make a big difference over time, and making small shifts is what we'll focus on. We can feed off of each other in negative ways, and that's what's happening in the destructive cycle, but we can also feed off of each other in positive ways. My goal is to help you do just that...create a positive cycle of interaction!
When we're trying to change lifelong patterns of how we're used to handling distress in relationships, things feel so bad that we want change to happen now.  When it comes to distress in relationships, we really need to go slow to go fast.  We'll make the quickest and most important progress by taking the time to better understand each other, what's happening inside of each person that leads to the painful disconnection that seems to happen faster and faster than it used to.  You can expect that you'll notice increasing improvements--as soon as the first session--including warmth in the emotional climate of your relationship, felt sense of connection, understanding each other, acceptance of each other, and compassion for each other. Having a marriage where “two become one,” is a life-long process of learning to love, to enter into each others' worlds—and well worth the effort. We'll focus our time on getting to the heart of the matter. Come, and let's begin to work on creating the intimacy you desire!

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