Tishanna Majette, PhD, MBA

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Dr. Tishanna Majette
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Approved Clinical Supervisor

Areas of Clinical Therapy:
My specializations are: individual and group therapies with adolescents 13-19. I offer parenting and family therapy sessions. I offer clinical supervision and consultation services.
My area of expertise is working with adolescents who struggle with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, aggression, substance abuse, mood disorders, trauma, and oppositional behaviors. In addition to bipolar and borderline personality disorders. I have experience conducing risk assessment and psychological evaluations.

My Approach to Therapy:

My approach can be best described as “no excuses let’s get to work” therapy. I believe in my client and assist them with reaching all their created goals. I offer caring and compassion in action into my work. I rely on both short and longer term techniques to help clients improve their overall health, increase self acceptance, and improve relationships. I offer support and self-direction, in addition to creating a safe place to explore and confront issues that impair their quality of life.

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