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The decision to initiate counseling can be a difficult one.  Though you want professional help with problems and issues in your life, your mind is filled with questions and reservations.  "What will this be like?  Will my counselor judge me?  Will he point out all of my flaws?  Will he make me do things I don't want to do?  Will he ask me silly questions about my mother, or how something makes me feel?  Will he truly understand what I am going through?  Will he actually be able to help?"

From the moment you initiate services with me or my colleagues at LifeCare Counseling Services, we will work to put these worries and concerns at ease.  We never judge, as we are human too.  We are less concerned with your flaws, and more concerned with helping you identify and capitalize upon your strengths.  We may make suggestions for steps you can take to address your problems, but we will always work collaboratively with you to build a plan of action that you want to pursue, and at a pace that you are comfortable with.  The questions we ask you will seldom resemble the silly, stereotypical questions you see portrayed in the movies or on t.v.  They will always have a purpose, and one that we will gladly discuss and share with you.  Between us, we have thousands of hours of training and experience helping clients to address a variety of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal concerns.  Chances are that we will understand and will be able to help.  Nonetheless, if your issues happen to fall outside the scope of our expertise, we will gladly assist you in finding a better fit for your counseling needs. 

LifeCare Counseling Services is a small, independent counseling agency and each counselor carries a reasonably sized caseload, which enables us to always give you the individualized attention that you deserve.  The initial session is used to gather background information from you regarding the issues that led you to seek counseling, as well as any other personal or historical information that may be of relevance to the issues at hand.  You will be given an opportunity to ask questions of your counselor and to share your hopes, desires, and goals for the counseling process.  This session will provide the foundation for all future sessions as we work together to help you achieve a happier, healthier life and a better you!

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