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  • Nationally Board Certified Christian Counselors
  • P.0. Box 12018, Cypress, Texas, 77429
  • Phone: 3463496441
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  • Session Fees: 125.00/hourly session (Intensive and Individual Session Prices May Vary)
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

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Tory and Teri Smith have been in practice since 2016 and are Board Certified Marriage and Relationship Counselors who specializes in individual, couples and family therapy.  Their practice, I Forever Will Christian Marriage Counseling, LLC areas of expertise are infidelity, intimacy therapy, anxiety, communication, depression and trauma therapy.
Their therapeutic approach is to provide support and counseling to help their clients effectively address personal and life challenges.  They combine traditional complementary methodologies and current neurological research to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client.  
In addition, they both provide Individual Counseling services.  These services consist of Individual Men’s counseling which allows them to focus on their individual immediate or near future concerns.  
We also discuss and work through their mental health concerns and help heal, grow and move towards a more productive and psychologically healthy life.  The Individual therapy provided to women encompasses helping
our clients to recognize their full potential as individuals capable of taking control of their lives and ramping up their faith.  
These sessions will support the development of a romantic competence & mind-set along with a new dialog to help you think through your interactions more clearly and lovingly to communicate
intentionally.  Teri’s main focus in working with women is to teach them personal development, how to manage their life, perspective and emotions as it relates to your interaction and response to others.  Our time together will guide you in re-connecting with yourself and promote healthy internal dialog to aid in you living your confident and best life daily!
 In addition to counseling, not only is this power couple a pair of marriage counselors, but they’ve also significantly developed and expanded their passion for improving relationships globally. They are the hosts of the television and radio talk show titled, “Love In BLACK w/ Tory & Teri.”  Their show focuses on cultivating Positive Love

Conversations, which means that your love is always in the positive. 
No topics are off limits as they discuss the ins and outs of relationships, as well as provide advice for singles looking for love.  You can listen to Love In BLACK w/Tory & Teri Podcasts on
Apple Music, Spotify and iHeart Radio.  If you’d like to watch a live episode of their show, you can connect with Tory and Teri by following Love In BLACK w/ Tory & Teri on YouTube, A-Star TV and Facebook.
 Tory and Teri Smith are both graduates of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary.

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