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  • Registered Psychotherapist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor
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Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE is a Registered Psychotherapist, a legacy professional with over 25 years in experience. She is a relationship expert, life coach, author of 2 books, & award-winning inspirational keynote speaker. She has a master's degree in educational psychology, has studied energy psychology modalities and her influences include Buddhism, Reiki, osteopathy, visualization, meditation, as well as modern and traditional psychotherapy; the basis for her brand of holistic psychotherapy that works with the mind, body and soul to effect monumental change in her clients’ lives. Her skilled communication style fosters deep self-awareness in her clients, leading to change and healing. Her focus is to disrupt multi-generational family patterns. She has a master's degree in educational psychology, and her influences include eastern philosophies, the basis for her brand of holistic psychotherapy.  

 Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE
Registered Psychotherapist 
​(With the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) ​Relationship Expert
 Keynote Speaker
Holistic Psychotherapist
Masters in Educational Psychology
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Board Certified Polarity Practitioner
Registered Polarity Educator My Main Website  My 
​YouTube Channel
Note: During these unprecedented times, all sessions are conducted remotely now and for the forseeable future.
During these unprecedented times and for the forseeable future, I feel that I must conduct my sessions remotely. Clients are finding the work very effective. The holistic aspect of the session is still there. I use breathe work, affirmations, energy clearing, different holistic modalities, energy work as well as transformational, neural pathway shifting visualization work that gets to the core of the issue quickly so that the old thinking is efficiently disrupted. The client now has more tools that they are taught to use on themselves. I am grateful for the technology we have to use such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype and phone.

Victoria has 2 books!
Her 1st book is called:
Find Your "Self-Culture": Moving From Depression and Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance  (Massenergy Press)
About the book:

Depression and Anxiety are at an all time high right now. But there is a paradigm shift going on right now. It is beckoning you to awaken to the monumental real self within—your “Self-Culture”! If you have not yet found your self-culture—your authentic, instinctive self—you are not living the life the Universe intends for you, and you may be entrenched in a cycle of feeling unhappy, guilty, negative, trapped and anxious.

The planet needs us to unearth the profound joy that lives inside so that we have the disposition to give of ourselves to others. But we cannot do this without first filling our own cups. Find Your “Self-Culture” takes you on a journey of case studies, exercises and teachings from Victoria Lorient-Faibish’s twenty years of working with clients in her busy practice as a holistic psychotherapist.
  • When you find your self-culture, you will:
  • Unearth the real you!
  • Listen to your soul’s voice.
  • Move beyond depression and anxiety holistically.
  • Rewire your brain so that you can embrace profound joy.
  • Design the life you were born to live.
  • Transform your inner bully into a supportive coach.
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with the people in your life.\
  • Heal the hurt child within.
  • Find forgiveness by moving past shame, anger and guilt.
  • Understand the codependent motivations that hold you hostage.
  • Break the cycle of family dysfunction now!
  • Find monumental self-acceptance!

Her 2nd Book is called:

Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture (Manor House Publishing)

About the book: 
 You are doomed to repeat old family patterns and foist them onto the next generation unconsciously if you do nothing about the dysfunction carried with you from your family-culture. Left unanalyzed, your patterns will repeat and they will do damage. How your emotions play out in your relationships, how you behave in your relationships and how your relationships evolve are all a part of your relationship-culture.

Rewiring your relationship-culture involves understanding that your brain is an elegant machine that forms new neural pathways every time you develop a new way of doing something especially if you practice the new behavior often. It's nature’s way of supporting us when we try to make good changes for ourselves.

By  rewiring your relationship-culture you will be able to:

  • Move past multi-generational dysfunction
  • Know and honor yourself fully
  • Understand the rules for dating in a healthy and empowering way
  • Spot relationship dysfunction from the start such as Codependency, Narcissism and Commitment Phobia
  • Set good boundaries for yourself
  • Understand the keys to healthy relationships with my pre-marital check list 
  • Know the Fundamentals for  Long-Term, Passionate Relationships!

This book is about becoming aware of what is not working with regard to what you inherited from your family-culture so that you can create a new, fully unique, personalized, choice-filled, healthy, mindful relationship-culture that you completely and consciously, bring into your adult relationships!
 "This book would have made my journey shorter and easier. It will guide you through your family matrix, into dating in the modern world, how to spot relationship dysfunction from the start and finally lead you into healthy relationships and enduring marriages." 

Says Dini Petty about this book. She graciously wrote the forward to the book! 

About Victoria: 

Welcome to my world where limitless possibilities can be reached! My name is Victoria Lorient-Faibish. I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I hold a Masters degree in Educational Psychology (MEd) and I am a Certified Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCC) as well as a member of the Ontario and American Polarity Therapy Associations (BCPP Board Certified Polarity Practitioner). I have been in practice since 1990 and in addition to my traditional psychotherapy training I have over 8 years of training in eastern philosophy body-centred modalities including Polarity Therapy, Reiki, New Decision Therapy and Craniosacral. I offer an East meets West, holistic approach to psychotherapy, that I call Holistic Psychotherapy,  in which a foundational process is provided as the framework for profound self awareness and transformation.

I am a relationship expert and I work with traditional talk therapy either individually or with couples. And I also I include life coaching, visualization and somatic focusing.  I sometimes integrate the body centred (somatic) work, visualization, breathing exercises to assist in the integration of the new information gained by the client and to maintain groundedness as the emotional unfolding occurs.

Individual Work:

Primarily people come to my office because they are very ready to change that which is no longer working for them either in terms of their relationship to self or others. I hold this space and intention in a very focused way. We work with family of origin issues (“Family-Culture”), overcoming trauma and abuse, narcissistic partners and families, commitment phobia, unresolved patterns of behaviour, grief & loss, depression, codependency, anxiety, addictions, marital strife, parenting, mother, father, & sibling issues, life purpose issues, workplace disharmony, repetition/compulsion distress, poor self esteem, conflict resolution, trauma, eating disorders and anything else that is compromising a person from fully living in joy, ease, well being, health and happiness. This work is wonderfully effective for those who are dealing with chronic emotional lack of ease.

Together we work to facilitate you finding your authentic inner voice; your “Self-Culture”. The process brings about profound awareness as well as practical tools to rewire the neural pathways associated with long held beliefs that  you learned form your “Family-Culture”. With this information you will ultimately be able to rewire your patterns that have made up your “Relationship-Culture” so that you can live a free, empowered, healthy, functional and passion filled life.

I provide brief and long-term Transformational Holistic Psychotherapy including traditional talk therapy, visualization,  space to deeply process and investigate, as well as motivation and Inspiration, Life Coaching, Parts Integration Therapy, Stress-Reduction, New Decision Therapy™, Couples Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral, Reiki, and Trauma Therapy.

Couples Therapy:

When I work with couples we look at the patterns of behaviour that lead to the state of the relationship. I teach couples how to fight in a fair, functional and constructive way. Together, as a team we work to decode Family-Culture influences and improve communication problems as well as teaching resiliency to family of origin triggers and hurt-child behaviour. We look at commitment phobia, narcissism, depression, home routine problems, addictions, unfair fighting patterns, shaming patterns of communication, division of task unfairness, resentment, stonewalling, silent treatment patterns, infidelity, trust issues, anxiety, parent/child dynamics, parental alienation and more.  All this so that the couple can move past the dysfunction and into a long-term passionate, healthy, empowered relationship. 

Pre-Marital Sessions: 

I also love to work with couples that are very serious about marriage and wish to work preventatively with my Pre- Marital Checklist sessions. In these sessions, we work as a team to understand some of the areas that might become triggers during the marriage. We talk about hot button topics like money, sex, family influences, children and communication glitches and patterns.
Clients find these sessions incredibly impactful and transformational and say that this sets them up for a healthy marriage in the long term.


Techniques used include:

Traditional talk therapy: Working with the past traumas and patterns so that they not longer negatively impact the present and the future. Giving space for the client to explore and express feelings, own awareness’s, observe and understand realizations, transform thoughts, grieve and mourn, vent, and get in touch with life’s lessons and opportunities for completion and integration.

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique is a tapping tool that utilized the meridians in the body and affirmations to unblock emotions, reduce cravings and habits, eliminate pain and achieve goals.

Life Coaching: Working with the present in order to impact the future positively. Getting clear, goal setting, correcting erroneous belief patterns, day to day goal managing.

Somatic focusing: Accessing the deep subconscious and unconscious realms and patterns through dialoguing deeply with the body, the mind and spirit. This is a powerful tool for deep self awareness and self contemplation.

Breathing exercises: Learning how to slow down the breathe to be able to tap into the innate calm self.

Mantras: Sanskrit words and prayers that shift our vibration through repetition and focus. I teach mantras for removing obstacles, prosperity, protection and relaxation. Clients find this very helpful as a way to focus the mind in between sessions.

Visualizing: Using the imagination to self-regulate and self-heal through imagery, journeying and storytelling

Unwinding trauma through relaxation: Activating the parasympathetic nervous system i.e. the relaxation response through various means including Polarity TherapyCranio-Sacral,Reiki, movement, stretching, breath work and more.

Affirmations: Utilizing language awareness and word repetition to transform thoughts, attitudes, neural pathways and vibration

New Decision Therapy: A modern psychotherapy technique that focuses on forgiveness and clearing denial. 

These techniques are used to facilitate self awareness which is essential for change and transformation. A consistent movement toward becoming a whole and integrated person and a healthy couple/family is the eventual outcome.

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