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  • Licensed Psychologist
  • 1528 Walnut Street, Suite 1702, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102
  • Phone: 646-666-3108
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  • Session Fees: REBT\cbt is a very practical therapy. My fee for a 55-minute session is $235. I recommend sessions every other week so you can practice the skills I teach. Sliding scale available only for those willing to be seen on Saturday. Call for more information.

Therapy is an investment. Much is at stake. Is it your career, your marriage or your life? Not all therapists are equally skilled. I am a very well trained doctoral level psychologist. I work at the University of Pennsylvania and teach graduate students at New York University. Go to and do your homework before you commit time and money. Listen carefully to my audio presentations so you can make an informed decision. I want you to appreciate my expertise and how I will help you before you see me. I will show you how not to upset yourself when other people and life are difficult so you can solve the problems you face. I teach skills and how to solve problems.

I will teach you how to control your emotions and counterproductive behavior. I teach new ways of thinking so you take control of what is well within your control. I send you customized email to help you to work at your therapy & to solve your problems today rather than at some vague point in the future.

I get to the bottom of your problems quickly. I will give you useful feedback from the first session. The famous Dr. Albert Ellis, who I worked with for many years, created REBT. This therapy is the original form of cognitive behavior therapy and has advantages over CBT as it is commonly practiced.

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