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  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 1800 E. Lambert Rd., Brea, California, 92821
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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who firmly believes each individual is precious and valuable. But sometimes, the world can seem like a grey, dull place, and we may not feel that way at all. Whether it is our imperfect upbringing or day to day stress, many things in life can really affect the way we view ourselves and the world around us. And not only does it affect our views, it then affects every area of our lives, including relationships with our loved ones. How we feel and what we say and do is often such a second nature to us that we rarely stop and think to reexamine what it is about. So, here I am to propose, that if there is an area in your life that you are hurting and/or struggling, and would like to shed some light on so that you will be a step closer to feeling better and living a fulfilling life, therapy would be a great place for you.
Therapy is a place where you get to have a secure place to explore, learn, heal, and grow. It is a safe place where you get to be you, where you get to give yourself voice, even in areas that you suppressed and lost voice long ago. Doing so can be very empowering and it can only occur in a relationship context. This is why the “therapist-client relationship” is very important. As you step into our session, I will treat you with warmth and respect, and will be eager to hear your story. It would be an honor to take that journey with you.
COUPLES: I am passionate about helping you feel connected to your significant other. If you feel that your relationship may be in trouble, that you don't quite understand what is going on but something does not feel right, don't ignore it. In a healthy relationship/marriage, it is important that you feel like you can count on your partner, that you feel loved, and accepted. If you feel like this may be lacking in your relationship, let's work on it together. I use Emotionally Focused Therapy to help you develop/repair the intimate bond with your significant other. When there is a strong bond in your relationship, it will make you both so much stronger and happier. Premarital Counseling is also welcome!
INTERNATIONAL BACKGROUND: Being originally from Japan but having lived in different countries and having traveled extensively, I have a good understanding of intercultural experiences. If you are somebody who has had international/intercultural experiences, and would like your therapist to have an understanding of it, I would love for you to come see me.
I went to Azusa Pacific University for my MA in Clinical Psychology. I gained my professional experience working for Catholic Charities of San Bernardino and Riverside County, Azusa Pacific University Child and Family Development Center, River Community Wellness Center, and San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center. I have gained experience with individuals and families from different age groups and ethnical backgrounds struggling with various issues. I am God’s child, a wife, and a mom.
My practice is named “Restingsheep Counseling” which comes from Psalm 23 in the bible. When I was at a point in my life that I was just exhausted, all I wanted to do was to rest in God’s green pastures. As a Christian therapist, it is my hope that our therapy session be a place where you feel like you can take a break from your life that can be rough and chaotic, and feel safe to be yourself while knowing that ultimately, everything is in God’s hands.

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