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Career / Jobs Counselor

Alex Chapunoff, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

1135 Pasadena Avenue South, #236, South Pasadena, FL

A career is more than just a job. A job is something you do mainly to make a living. But a career is your chosen job path across life and is often a reflection of who you are, who you want to be, and where you are going in life. Changes in technology and in the economy often make changing one's career path a sudden necessity. For young people starting out, the choices of what to study or what career path to take can seem overwhelming. My approach is to learn what the client's interests, goals, values, and needs are--as well as what social, family, and economic factors are important to them--and with the counseling process help them clarify these factors and facilitate their decision making.

Career / Jobs Counselor

The Holistic Mental Health Clinic, LMHC's and LCSW's

Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers

6161 DR MLK JR ST N #204, St. Petersburg, FL

In today's job market you can not afford to make a costly mistake with this major life decision. Economic times demand a focused and practical approach. With the clinical expertise of a licensed therapist, you will be provided personalized career assessment and planning based on your unique needs and talents, in a structured format, designed to engage you in the decision making process. Imagine the confidence you will feel having the assurance that the career path you have chosen is based on your personalized assessment, the economic forecast and what the job is actually like day to day. Whether you are just getting started or need a new career option, we can help! Contact us today!

Career / Jobs Counselor

Dolores Puterbaugh, Ph.D., LMFT, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Mental Health

801 West Bay Drive, Suite 436, Largo, FL

Choosing a career is much more than figuring out what you're "good" at; a career should fit with your values, your temperament and your talents. Whether you are just starting out, or considering making a change, at last, to the career you always wanted, it's wise to take the time to consider the big picture of your life. Carefully reflecting on your values, personality, talents and interests can yield a range of options that aren't just "good" jobs, they are jobs that can be good for you.

Career / Jobs Counselor

John Knight, PhD ,BCPC, CRS ,LMHC


304 South Belcher Road Suite C, Clearwater, FL

ClProfile For: Dr. John Knight,PhD,LMHC Dr. Knight is a seasoned therapist and a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 16 years. He is empathic and knowledgeable in career coaching and life transition surrounding career moves. He served as a Vice president of client services for an international career management firm for a season assisting business professionals and their families in career assessment and moves.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Steve Graham, PhD, DMin

Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

300 South Hyde Park Ave, Suite 250, Tampa, FL

If life's basic questions include, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?," then we begin to appreciate the important and delicate work of career counseling. It's not just about finding a job, but about finding yourself and how that can make a difference in the world. We will do some psychological testing to help us discern important factors in career selection such as identifying how you relate to others, yourself, and the world (your temperament) and your interests and compatibility with various professions. These results along with our time together in sessions help us understand fundamental issues about you.

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Career Counseling in Treasure Island FL.

Losing a job or getting laid off of work are severe events that can put tremendous strain on ones life and family. A career therapist in Treasure Island FL, Florida can provide important tools and insight into dealing with work fatigue, burnout, difficulties with a supervisor or coworker, unemployment, and work skills assesment.

Find help navigating your future through skilled career counseling in Treasure Island, FL. Whether you need help on the job, finding a new career, or are facing difficulties through unemployment and financial hardship, our Florida career counselors in Treasure Island are licensed and trained to provide you the tools you need to change course and succeed. Financial counseling in Treasure Island and career guidance with a professional therapist will help put your goals and your life on the right track.