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Ron Dyck, D.Min.

Counselling Therapist

Within driving distance of Stuartburn

Cognitiver Behavior Therapy provides the best perspective in understanding anger and developing anger management skills. This means that ... 1. It is not events that make us angry, but rather our intepretations of events. Anger arises when we believe we are treated unfairly or unjustly. 2. We are individually responsible for the expression of our anger. 3. Anger is a secondary emotion. We need to identify and tend to the primary emotion. 4. The thoughts that generate anger are usually distorted. 5. The aggressive expression of anger wil not get us what we need or want. 6. We can learn positive and constructive ways in which to communicate frustration and anger.

Anger Therapist

Don Russell, Russell & Associates Group

Professional Counselling Therapists

Within driving distance of Stuartburn

Dr. Russell is an anger management specialist. He can help you get things under control and get life back to normal. If you are finding that you are losing the things that are valuable to you because of anger, contact Dr. Russell and begin the road back to peace. Improve your relationships, improve your work performance, improve your physical help all through getting your anger under control.

Anger Therapist

Glenys Wirch, MA CPGC D.Min

Counsellor Therapist

Within driving distance of Stuartburn

Anger is a normal, often healthy human emotion. When anger becomes destructive, it can cause distress in important relationships, school or work,health, and overall quality of life. Anger can vary in intensity: from mild irritation or annoyance to outright fury and rage. I will help you explore your anger, what triggers your anger reactions, and help you find more adaptive ways to express what you are feeling. I provide a safe, nurturing environment where you are free to develop more effective ways of expressing yourself. This in turn will improve your quality of life.

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Stuartburn is located in Manitoba, Canada. It has a land area of 1163.54 square kilometers.  The population of Stuartburn is 1,648 people with 658 households . The population ranking for Stuartburn is #1535 nationally and #96 for the province of Manitoba with a density of 1.40 people per sq km. Stuartburn therapists serve postal code: R0A.