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Anger Therapist

Kristen Williams, MDiv, MEd, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Hazlehurst

Anger is a common, normal human emotion. So why does it seem to wreak havoc in our lives sometimes? The goal is not to eradicate anger from our range of emotions; rather, it is to learn healthier ways of expressing, feeling, and releasing anger when it rises up within us. Learning this particular bit of growth and strength alone can tremendously improve relationships in every sphere of our lives.

Anger Therapist

Dr. Nona Owens, Ph.D.


Within driving distance of Hazlehurst

Anger is often a symptom of something much deeper in a person's life. Many times, anger is the only emotion one is able to feel because to open up all the wounds within is too difficult without proper help and guidance. I work with helping each person see why they respond to people and events with anger. I then help them learn to not only deal with those issues, but develop new ways to interact with friends, family, and their employer.

Anger Therapist

Susan Woodard, PhD, LMFT, MDIV, CMAT

Licensed Therapist

Within driving distance of Hazlehurst

Anger erupts when we feel our needs and wants are not being respected. Many of us have developed ineffective ways to express our needs. My approach to anger management focuses on learning 1) to recognize our "hot" buttons, 2) so we can find ways to cool down temporarily, insuring that 3) no one comes to harm, leaving us the opportunity 4) to revisit the core issues with effective communication and negotiation skills.

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Hazlehurst is located in Copiah County, Mississippi. It has a land area of 4.37 square miles and a water area of 0.04 square miles.  The population of Hazlehurst is 3,924 people with 1,212 households and a median annual income of $34,018. .

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