Career Counselling and Coaching in Todds Island, Nova Scotia.

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Career Counsellor

Mike Buckley, PhD Psych, MA Coun, RCT, CCC.

Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT)

Within driving distance of Todds Island

I have worked extensively over the years in the field of rehabilitation - helping people to get started or restarted on their career path. While testing can sometimes be useful - most often what people need is a period of time where they can explore their goals and objectives for their career in light of the over 40,000 occupations in the Canadian Dictionary of Occupations. Aptitude and interests of course are helpful but motivation and career choice often respond best to a program of work sampling, job shadowing, and other exploratory techniques. Whether you are just starting out, struggling in school, or want to make a mid career change in direction, career counselling can help!

Career Counsellor

Christine Fall Moore, MC (Appl Psych), G.D.Ed.Coun., RCT

Registered Counselling Therapist / Certified Psychotherapist

Within driving distance of Todds Island

Some people believe that career is one of the major components of life. Whether you decide to be a homemaker or a corporate lawyer the vocation you choose in part determines how others see you and how you see yourself. It is undoubtedly where you spend much of your time and energy. I will be your advocate in helping you find a fulfilling career. Using readily available resources we will look at interests, exceptionalities, and educational programs to help you meet your goals.

Career Counsellor

Pamela Rubin, CCC, MEd, RCT-C

Canadian Certified Counselor

Within driving distance of Todds Island

I assist you to listen to your inner intelligence about livelihood and career issues. I specialize in approaches to counteract workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and trauma triggers in the workplace. I can help you return to your workplace, or explore a new career path. Using evidence-based approaches, I work step-by-step alongside you toward mastery of this part of your life.

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