Anger Management and Counselling in Notre Dame de Grâce, QC.

Therapy and counselling for anger issues, self control and stress management in Notre Dame de Grâce, Quebec. Find effective help for real change.

Anger Therapist

Emily Blake, Ph.D.


Within driving distance of Notre Dame de Grâce

Have your loved ones told you that you have an anger management problem? there's nothing wrong with feeling angry. but what do you DO when you FEEL angry? do you raise your voice or say things that you don't really mean, or that you later regret saying? Anger management can help you behave more calmly, more respectfully even when you are feeling angry. Therapy can help you stay cool and not feel guilty about how you acted when you felt angry.

Anger Therapist

Clinic Dr. Bita, TM


Within driving distance of Notre Dame de Grâce

- Is your ANGER controlling you? - Do you get easily irritated? - Is your relationship suffering because of your explosive outbursts? - Is your ANGER causing problems at work? At Clinic Dr. Bita, we offer group workshops, as well individual therapy sessions to address anger management. Our English and French group workshops take place in the evenings at our Westmount clinic (once per week for an eight-week period). Discounts are available for early-bird registrants. And expenses for the workshop are reimbursed by by private insurance companies and are recognized by the courts.

Anger Therapist

Arash Kameli, MA, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Within driving distance of Notre Dame de Grâce

Anger is our gift of knowing when our needs are not being met or when our needs are being frustrated. Yet, anger may also be a menace and stop us from living in harmony with others - and perhaps with ourselves. Through counselling, you can become aware of the sources of your anger and how to deal with them for a more harmonious life whether at work, at home or in your relationships in general towards a happier lifestyle. Addressing and dealing with anger can leave you feeling better about yourself with increased self-esteem; feeling more confident in your ability to manage your feelings; perform better at work & experience higher quality relationships and peace.

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