Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Shawville, QC.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Shawville, Quebec.

Anxiety Counsellor

Sandra Forbes, M.Sc., RSW, RMFT

Registered Couple & Family Therapist, Social Worker

Within driving distance of Shawville

Sandra Forbes, Relationship Solutions provides a sensitive, caring, supportive environment conducive to decreasing anxiety. Triggers and ensuing thoughts are examined as are the emotions and physical feelings they induce. Cognitive and behavioural practices are designed that help reduce anxiety. Reflection on some of the underlying causes is worthwhile in some situations. Sensitive exploration of this issues is available at a pace that is determined by the client. We work with medical professionals as appropriate.

Anxiety Counsellor

Michelle Bentley, MA, RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist; Individual and Family Therapist

Within driving distance of Shawville

Experiencing anxiety can vary from an unfocused sense of concern or worry to performance fears affecting school or work, panic attacks, stress, hypervigilance from trauma, or phobias. Physical and psychological symptoms generally feel out of control and are frustrating and fear-inducing, and can lead people to question themselves and their capabilities as well as limiting their enjoyment of life. I am experienced and specialized in supporting individuals, children and families to find their own strengths to use in regaining control of their life from the influence of anxiety, using a combination of psychotherapy and counselling approaches to fit each unique situation. Serving the Ottawa area

Anxiety Counsellor

Anne Schultz, M. Ed., CCC, RP

Registered individual, Couple & Family Relationship Therapist

Within driving distance of Shawville

Anne works with men, women, managers, students, teenagers and children in anxiety and stress management. Her approach is to help you understand the nature and cause of your individual distress. She employs techniques to reduce and control your immediate symptoms in stressful situations; then works to change negative thought outcomes & to increase positive thinking & self empowerment. Anne presents workshops to professionals on anxiety & depression, and maintains an active practice coaching individual clients. A key component in the therapy is a mutual trust relationship. The result is relief from the limitations that anxiety imposes on your life and in your relationships.

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Shawville is located in Quebec, Canada. It has a land area of 5.39 square kilometers.  The population of Shawville is 1,587 people with 689 households . The population ranking for Shawville is #1589 nationally and #475 for the province of Quebec with a density of 294.50 people per sq km. Shawville therapists serve postal code: J0X.