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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • 2035 Hogback, #108, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48105
  • Phone: 734-707-7230
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Feeling stuck? Stressed? Worried they will find out who you really are?
Feeling as though you have to hide who you truly are is not easy. It also isn't fun. So, how do you get onto a path where you can really (I mean truly) accept yourself and be comfortable in your own skin? The route is different for each individual, but that is where I excel at helping. I am not a road map or a GPS talking at you in a robotic voice. I am a real person, with curiosity and a drive to help you find your way, as well as a willingness and desire to do so!
The way(s) we work together to find that route will be tailored just for you to meet your needs and preferences. Overall, I tend to meet with clients once per week (though more or less frequent meetings can be arranged) and discuss a variety of topics. If you are interested in a more structured, coaching-type style, then we will decide on goals together and steadily work toward them. If you are more free-flowing then we will discuss what comes to mind, or issues that have been particularly pressing since the previous session. No matter your style, we will work toward real feelings of calm and putting the "health" back into your mental health.
I offer a variety of services (genuine personality included!), always from a nonjudgmental and secular approach, but will work with folks from any viewpoint. I specialize in working with those marginalized for reasons around their sexuality (i.e. LGBQ and Alternative folks), their gender (i.e. Trans and non-binary), and/or their religion (including Atheists, and those choosing to leave their religion). When working with relationship members, I offer services to couples, as well as to those in alternative relationship styles (poly, open, communal families, etc.).
Basically, if you usually have to explain your lifestyle to someone, I'll probably get you. And, if you usually have to explain that your lifestyle choice is NOT a part of why you are stressed/upset/anxious/depressed/(whatever), then we will probably be able to get you somewhere because we won't be bogged down in those details. All of that being said, I can also help you if you have a lingering question in your mind about "Is it kinky or is it abuse?" It is not a fun question to have lurking - let's sort that sh*t out. 
Therapy interventions I offer include solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, acceptance-based practice, as well as traditional psychotherapy / "talk therapy".
A Michigan limited license permits practice under the supervision of a Michigan Licensed Psychologist. Psychotherapy services provided under the supervision of Dr. Margery Adelson.  

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