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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor
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Relationship Help for Couples!
All couples struggle at times with obstacles in their relationship. And when communication starts to break down, it can feel incredibly isolating and lonely. What once felt like a great friendship where you could tell each other everything, has evolved into limited conversations lacking intimacy and closeness. 
Wanting to address issues and talk to your partner only to have them leave the room or shut down and not listen. Or, maybe you both are talking directly about issues of importance but once you do, things quickly escalate into an argument and nobody is truly hearing anything the other is saying. Becoming a pattern of blame, criticize and defend.
When struggles like these happen, it can be incredibly overwhelming in the moment. It can make you want to flee the relationship or question why you're together in the first place. But, change is possible. It is possible to learn new ways of talking and hearing one another that brings you closer together rather than farther apart.  
As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in working with couples that want better communication but don't know how to change the dynamic between them. Together, we can begin to shift what's keeping you stuck and move into deeper conversations that get to the heart of what you both really need.
I also help couples wanting to rebuild trust and intimacy in their relationship. 
Through couples therapy, you can create the relationship you both crave. A relationship that has meaning for each of you and that allows you both to grow as individuals and as a couple.
I know at times it can feel almost impossible for anything to change, but change is possible.
Individual Therapy
As a couple therapist specializing in working exclusively with couples, I'm often asked if I work with individuals. Yes, I do. 
For persons wanting relationship help and are interested in meeting individually, I offer individual therapy. Together, we can work toward understanding current or past relationship patterns and work toward creating the change needed to have the life and relationship you desire. 
EMDR Therapy
I also provide EMDR therapy for persons struggling with significant events that are keeping them stuck and keeping them from having the life they want. EMDR is an effective and proven therapy for helping persons struggling with many life struggles such as trauma, anxiety, grief, intrusive memories, and relationship problems.  
If you are struggling with pain from the past or have experienced a recent significant event, please reach out and contact me, I can help. You don't have to struggle alone, help is available.


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