Dave Robinson, MA. Counselling Psychology, RP.

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  • Men's Counsellor, Registered Psychotherapist, C.C.C.
  • Exhibition Park , Guelph, Ontario, N1H 4R6
  • Phone: 519-400-0303
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  • Session Fees: $180. + HST / 50 min session
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  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

My name is Dave Robinson, known to many as the “Go-to-Guy for Helping Guys.”
With a rich tapestry of nearly 20 years woven into the profession of coaching and counselling men, I am deeply committed to this important and transformative work.
A Reverence for the Journey:  
My work is not simply a profession; it's a passionate pursuit.  For me, therapy is about navigating alongside my clients, men from all walks of life, fostering a safe space where they can awaken to their fullest potential—empowering them to seamlessly embody the roles of partner, father, son, friend, and brother with authenticity, accountability and love.
A Shared Exploration:  
I am passionate in my belief that my clients are the foremost experts in their lives. My approach seeks to create a counselling experience that feels as genuine and uplifting as a conversation with a trusted friend. Together, with genuine curiosity and a compassionate spirit, we embark on a journey to facilitate the shifts you seek in your life.
Sacred Work, Heartfelt Outcomes:  
Therapeutic counselling, while sometimes probing and intense, is often illuminated by moments of empowerment, inspiration, and genuine joy. Engaging in various therapeutic approaches, we ensure that the path chosen resonates profoundly with your needs and objectives.
Hope, Coping, and the Path Forward:  
To our sessions I hold a space of non-judgment and understanding for the unspoken psychological pain many men carry—pain that when left unexpressed, can evolve into limiting beliefs and undesired behaviours. Nurturing psychological and emotional wellbeing extends beyond simple dialogues; it’s a sacred interplay of developing coping skills, resilience, and self-respect culminating on a journey where vulnerability becomes strength. 
In Your Time, At Your Pace:  
Meaningful change unfurls as a journey, distinct and personal. Each client is embraced with understanding and patience, regardless of their pace or readiness. I am here to compassionately guide and support you along your therapeutic journey, refocusing perspective and igniting your life force. Together, we work to unveil the sturdy roots of your truest self, entwining steadfast hope with practical strategies to delicately pave your path forward. Your journey of transformation, from the shadows of challenges towards the light of well-being, is the significant narrative here, cherished and respected in every courageous new step forward.
You Are Not Alone:  
Life, with its tests and celebrations, can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, you don’t need to travel the path alone. If you or a man you know is grappling with life’s slips or setbacks, please, reach out—let's talk, explore, and find realistic solutions to whatever challenge you are facing.  I am here to help you get your desired shift...together.
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