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Geraldine Fogarty, Ph.D., FIPA; Psychotherapist; Psychoanalyst; Lecturer,
Professional Title "Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist"
Toronto , Ontario M6R 1Z9, Canada


I have worked in private practice as a psychotherapist for twenty-eight years and have practiced psychoanalysis for the past eight years. I love my work and feel privileged to be able to help the people who come to see me. I hold a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Religion (Psychoanalysis) from the University of Toronto and am a graduate of the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis (TIP), where I am now on faculty, teaching courses such as “Dreams,” “Ethics of Clinical Practice,” “Psychoanalytic Listening,” and “Gender and Sexuality in Psychoanalysis.” I have given presentations to the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, the European Association of Psychotherapists, and have lectured on C.G. Jung’s Analytic Psychology in Dublin, Ireland.

I am a member of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society, a Fellow of the International Psychoanalytic Association, a member of the Curriculum Committee for the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis, a member of the Executive Committee of the Advanced Program for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and an accredited member of the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. I am an Honorary Member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, and, instrumental to its formation, served as the Society’s first and founding President.

 I spent my childhood in Ireland and immigrated to Canada at age twelve. The subjective experience of being an immigrant has allowed me to appreciate how cultural and emotional differences underpin fundamental understandings of the self and of relationships with others. Throughout my professional life, a deep commitment to the prospect that the meaningful exploration of conscious and unconscious ways of knowing can lead to psychic change and thereto to healing, growth, and fulfillment has characterized my work with people.


Professional History

For the first eighteen years of my professional life, I taught elementary school for the Etobicoke Board of Education, primarily teaching Language Arts and History to gifted adolescents in the Special Education Program. During that time, I developed a particular interest in the fostering of creativity and in addressing the challenges of ‘feeling different’ that gifted students often face in childhood and adolescence. This included giving presentations to teachers on designing and modifying programs for the gifted student that focussed on optimal classroom conditions for learning.

Concurrently, I completed an undergraduate degree in English Literature at York University, followed by a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Religion (Psychoanalysis) at the University of Toronto (1992), with a thesis entitled King Lear as an Embodiment of the Dark Side of Jung’s Individuation Process. My Ph.D., completed in 2009, is a cross-disciplinary dissertation in Early Irish Literature and Psychoanalysis, entitled Madness and Transformation in Early Irish Literature: A Psychoanalytic Perspective.

Throughout the 1980’s I studied with Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, and incorporated a Jungian analysis with an apprenticeship-training in psychotherapy. This training included theoretical material, dream analysis, supervision, and participation in a Body-Mind Group for Psychotherapists.”

Between 1985 and 2000, I  investigated a variety of different psychotherapeutic modalities and approaches, including Bioenergetics abreactive technique, British Object Relations, and Past Life Therapy, a process involving Jungian interpretation of dissociative states that take the form of past life memories and become available through archetypal imagery, body memory and abreaction.

I have presented papers on the theories of Jung and on the subject of transference and countertransference: “Transference and Countertransference Resistance,” at the Annual Meeting of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, Toronto, Ontario (1996); “What is Jungian Psychotherapy?” at the AGM of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, (1999); and “Working with Distorted Realms in Ordinary People in Long-term, Depth Psychotherapy,” at the Annual meeting of the European Association of Psychotherapy, Dublin, Ireland (2000).

I was one of ten psychotherapists who in 1989 formed the Steering Committee of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists and founded Ontario’s first professional association of psychotherapists in private practice. The Ontario Society of Psychotherapists (OSP) was instrumental in establishing a code of ethics, providing standards of qualifications and contributing to the development of a professional identity for theoretically divergent individual psychotherapists.

Seeking to extend my theoretical and clinical knowledge of contemporary psychoanalytic theory, I enrolled in the psychoanalytic training program at the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis in 2004. My training as a psychoanalyst was concurrent with my doctoral studies providing the opportunity to bring together the theories of diverse modalities in clinically useful psychotherapists in private practice.

Since then, I have given papers that reflect my increasing appreciation of the importance of the changing inner states of the psychotherapist’s / psychoanalyst’s mind in the clinical setting. In 2005 I chaired a panel discussion on countertransference resistance, “Sexual Fantasies Behind the Couch” at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society in Toronto, and gave a paper “Ethics and Psychoanalysis: Towards an Ethics of Liminal Subjectivity,” at the Literature and Psychoanalysis Symposium held at the University of Toronto, 2010.



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