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Penticton OfficeConnie Lupichuk BSW, MSW, CLC, RSWSenior Consultant/ClinicianDirector of Professional Services 
I am so pleased that you are taking the time out of your busy life to review my bio.  I am a licensed, registered, and highly experienced Master's level social worker. My experience includes both lived and work experience. In my twenties and thirties I overcame economic hardships, workplace bullying, divorce and unhealthy relationships which inevitably led to shame, and anxiety/depression. At that time counselling was seen as a weakness but I realized that without help I would never fully recover. I connected with an amazing counsellor and after several sessions I was ready to fly. My experience with my counsellor ultimately led me into private practice and away from my career in social services.  After being on hiatus for over a year - recovering from an aneurysm - I am now ready to again help others and I am accepting previous and new clients.  Although my primary focus is working with families experiencing separation and divorce I also love working with individuals who are motivated or need help getting motivated to make positive life changes. Changing is not easy; I have helped many people get to a place where they described feeling better about themselves, their relationships as well in their career. As a trained and experienced clinician and a life coach I thrive working with those who are wanting to feel better and/or do better.   With respect to children, I know there is a better way to help parents navigate divorce, and have developed programs to assist parents whose love for their children may be blinded by their own pain and trauma of separation; there is no shame here but unwavering support. No parent is perfect, all parents make mistakes and like so many parents that I have worked with, you too can make changes for the better. There is no time like the present. 
Don't hesitate to book in for individual or couples counselling, I am here to help. There is no problem too big that we [you and I] cannot overcome. If we are not a good fit, no worries, I would be happy to refer to someone who is.  If you are separating or divorcing I would be happy to discuss what programs are available to you, your ex-spouse and your children. I am here to help and dedicated to offering your family a new way to navigate separation and divorce. Areas of Practice 
  • Individual counselling - anger, depression, trauma, stress, anxiety, communication, conflict resolution 
  • Separation & Divorce Coaching - flexible thinking, skills to negotiate, decision making skills
  • High Conflict Divorce Programs - individual and child counselling, family reunification, parenting plans 
  • Parental Alienation Assessment/Consultation - call for further information
  • Sec 211 Assessments - Parenting reports, Child reports, Mental Health reports.
Benefits of working with me
  • Building skills & resilience to deal with life challenges - relationship, personal, family, professional
  • Feeling hope and optimism
  • Becoming more self-confident and empowered
  • Overcoming painful experiences and emotions
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Competency in managing mental health challenges
  • Trust in decisions made for children during separation and divorce
  • Learning to let things go that are not in your control

I am thankful to do the work I love. When you come to my office you will soon feel safe enough share your worries, fears, hopes, dreams and longing without fear of shame. I am told that I am direct in my approach but equally warm, respectful and honest while having a good sense of humour. I will tell you what I think and offer you the best way forward.
 Connie’s Therapeutic Toolbox
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Reality Therapy
  • Motivational Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Life Coaching techniques
  • Mediation techniques
  • Humour
Education Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Master’s Degree in Social Work
Gottman Level 1 Couple’s Therapy
Certification Life Coaching
Mediation TrainingCritical Stress ManagementParental Alienation Assessment and Interventions New Ways For Families - High Conflict InstituteCognitive Behavioural, Solution-focused, Reality Play, and Motivational Therapy  
  • Counselling $160 per 50 minutes
  • Couples Counselling $175 per 50 minutes
  • Divorce Coaching $175 per 50 minutes
  • Parental Alienation Consultation $175 per 50 minutes
  • Family Reunification Therapy - retainer based 
  • Sec 211 Assessments -retainer based 
I am easy to get hold of and responsive to telephone calls, text messaging, and emails. For more information and/or to book an appointment you can call or text me at [306]281-7756, send an email to or visit our website at 
Between the months of July 1 and September 30, all my appointments are virtual because I am in Saskatchewan. From October 1 to June 30 I offer both in office [Penticton] and virtual appointments.

 Meet Wendy Blancher from the Kelowna Office

Kelowna OfficeWendy Blancher B. Ed., M. Ed., RPCRegistered Professional Counsellor Background:
I have a Master’s degree in education and worked in the system for 22 years.  While in education, I observed a consistent increase in mental health issues affecting youth in particular, which prompted me to pursue a counselling profession where I could be more helpful.  Clinical Training:
I trained with North America’s leading Cognitive Behavioral Therapy expert, Dr. David Burns as well as the the renown Julie and John Gottman for couples therapy. I also am certified in the New Ways for Families programs from the High Conflict Institute. I am a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) with the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association (CPCA). 
Incentive Counselling is currently focussing on families experiencing difficulties and those facing separation and divorce. There are healthy options to help parents navigate these difficult situations, and we have developed programs to assist parents who love their children, but are struggling to see beyond their own difficulties and find it challenging to provide an environment of respect, security, and growth for their children. 

Come see me to discuss what programs are available to you, your family, your ex-spouse and your children. We here to help and dedicated to offering your family a healthier way to navigate parenting, even in separation and divorce.
  • Relationship Counselling - communication, conflict, trauma
  • Healthy Families Coaching - active parenting skills, communication
  • Separation & Divorce Coaching
  • Co-parenting Coaching
  • High Conflict Divorce Programs
  • Sec 211 Assessments
 My Philosophy:I strongly believe that the collaborative relationship between counsellor and client is the most important aspect of your success, so I work hard to create an environment of warmth, trust, safety, and respect. This environment facilitates the healthy, collaborative process required to foster personal growth and change. Methods:
I am committed to quality, evidence-based therapeutic practices to improve emotional and relational well-being. My goal is to equip clients with personal awareness, emotional resilience, resourcefulness, and the capacity to cope with stress. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques to work with clients to build on the strengths and virtues that make life more fulfilling.
Issues Addressed:
  • Relationship problems
  • Co-parenting difficulties
  • High Conflict Separation and Divorce
  • Parenting and Family difficulties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mental and emotional health issues
  • Stress
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Addiction and substance abuse 
  • Suicidal impulses 
  • Trauma 
  • Grief
I welcome couples, teens, adults and mature clients. Costs
  • Individual Counselling $140 per 50 minutes
  • Couples Counselling $165 per 50 minutes
  • Parenting Coaching $165 per 50 minutes
  • Divorce Coaching $165 per 50 minutes
  • Co-parenting Coaching - $165 per 50 minutes
  • Family Reunification Therapy - retainer based 
  • Sec 211 Assessments - retainer based
The client-counsellor relationship is deeply personal, and I consider it a privilege to assist you in your path of renewal.  Contact me today at or visit our website at for more information.

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