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My joy in being a psychologist: My interest in becoming a psychologist stemmed from a deep interest in understanding myself and others; how we form our identity, perspective, and values from our learned experiences and biology, and how those perspectives influence our actions and decisions. One of my greatest joys as a psychologist has been in facilitating others’ next steps in their personal growth and emotional well-being.  My approach:  Since I became a licensed psychologist in 2006, I have been providing individual psychotherapy to older adolescents and adults (ages 16+) in private practice. I use a variety of integrative strategies, including client-centered, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and mindfulness-based strategies. I specialize in working with individuals who experience anxiety, stress, self-judgment, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, work challenges, stuck-ness, or other obstacles that may keep them from experiencing greater internal and external alignment. I provide brief therapy for individuals who are interested in working with a specific challenge and longer-term therapy for those who want to explore many aspects of their life.  Benefits of therapy with me: My clients have gained many benefits from therapy, including greater compassion, emotional ease and peace, clarity in decision-making, and connection to others.  I am committed to providing an environment that is safe, caring, and confidential, and my style is collaborative and client-centered.  I take into consideration each person's unique strengths, ways of processing information, style of communication, personality type, motivations for change, and interests or goals in therapy.  While I help to guide the therapeutic process in an active way so the sessions are productive, I also facilitate deep listening, presence, and spaciousness.   In addition to therapy, I provide assessments:In addition to psychotherapy, I provide psychological and psychoeducational assessments to children (ages 6+) and adults to better understand their learning and psychological profile and to receive services that will help them reach their full potential.  I began my training in assessments during my post-doctoral internship at Family and Children Services and Los Altos High School Special Education Department.  I have also been trained in aspects of Slingerland methodology and screenings, and I worked as a tutor at Lindamood-Bell during graduate school.  My specialty is assessing individuals with subtle processing difficulties, as well as complex psychological profiles. 
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If you would like to learn more about me and my practice, please feel free to reach out to me via email ( or phone (415-634-9099) to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.  

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