Kris Henderson, MA, LPC

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I am a psychotherapist /counselor with a Masters degree in counseling education and counseling psychology from Western Michigan University. I provide individual and group therapy and have years of experience working as a therapist possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you improve your life.

I use a proactive ‚ÄúPersonal Responsibility‚ÄĚ approach to help you identify unhealthy patterns and choices in your life, form new patterns and live a happier and healthier life through conscious decision making.

Using cognitive-behavior counseling techniques, I provide general counseling services for adolescents, families and individuals with interest and experience in the following areas of speciality:

  • Eating Disorders (obesity, compulsive overeating, weight loss/management)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Oftentimes people need help finding not only the answers and resolutions to questions in their lives, but to figure out the questions themselves. My goal is to assist you in making positive changes which will allow you to live happier. I look forward to working with you!

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