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Going into a room that is unfamiliar to you to share thoughts, triggers and tough moments in
your life is not easy. There is a chair where you are invited to sit and open
up about you. This might be your first time and first impressions can
go a long way in your healing process.
I remember my first time opening up to an individual that I did not know. As a counselor I
invite you to a safe place that will allow you to tell your story as we journey
together to a place of hope, help and healing.
I have been working with individuals, couples and families for over 15 years. Oftentimes
seeing light at the end of a journey through depression, anxiety and grief,
makes my heart beat with thankfulness. Realizing the journey was so much a part
of you.

Transformation and healing is a process that I have seen in individuals, couples and families.
People are stronger and more resilient than they realize. Everyone needs help
along the way due to the various seasons we encounter in our life that sometimes
blindside us, causes conflict in our life and relationships. We come to realize
that trauma is not what necessarily happens to us that is significant but that
it more times than not is something that remains within us. Life happens where we come to
crossroads, and bumps in which we need some direction and navigation to return
to the street called straight.

As a Christian and Psychologist I believe God’s DNA is in all of us, we all have
purpose for our lives. Due to life challenges at times we need another
perspective that can help us navigate though whatever journey we are face
with. I enjoy working with people regardless of their beliefs or and
background. I will meet them wherever they are without pressure or prejudice.

My professional background includes crisis counseling (suicidal and sexual
addictions) support groups in emotional healing, grief and loss. Those
individuals who are caregivers and suffer from burnout. I work with individuals with a variety of
issues, lack of confidence, self-care, depression, anxiety, marriage
counseling, and pre-marital. This list is not exhaustive. I’m a Limited License Psychologist in the
State of Michigan since 2006 and a member of American Association of Christian
Counselors. In addition to counseling at Christian Family Services in
Southfield, MI.

I’m a speaker on various women issues. Some topics include “Know your Worth”, “Victorious
living” and “Lay Aside Your Weights”. There are professions that causes high
stress, one of them is women who serve as Clergy. I specialize in Clergy Care
and how to guard your heart against burnt out, anger and depression.


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