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I am a licensed clinical psychologist, author, and speaker. I use cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to help you master anxiety and stress. My approach focuses on identifying solutions to present problems by helping you live consistent with your values, even while experiencing difficult thoughts, feelings and memories. It is my belief that it is our struggle to get rid of our anxiety and depression that actually increases our anxiety and depression. Through a supportive and strong therapy relationship, I will teach you how to develop a new relationship with your anxiety and depression, so you can experience more hope, joy and live the life you were created to live.
The world is getting faster and more complicated each and every day. As a result, stress and anxiety are more common, and yet frequently there is hesitation to seek out therapy. Often we feel that going to therapy means we are broken or that something is wrong with us. The exact opposite is true. Seeking out therapy simply means you are taking a step toward living the life you were created to live. I like to say that our minds are like a weather forecaster: constantly making predictions, and often inaccurate. In our therapy, you will learn how to achieve your goals and pursue your values even when your weather forecaster is predicting worry and gloom.  
In addition to therapy, I enjoy writing and speaking. I authored the book, the Other Side of Pain: Discovering Meaning When Life Hurts, to speak to our most common responses to emotional pain, and to describe how we can ultimately create meaning from our pain. I have also spoken at conferences, and at numerous Operation Snowball events for teens. Speaking and writing offer additional opportunities to connect and to learn from one another.  
If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or just negative thinking, you are not alone. It has been suggested that approximately 80% of our thoughts are negative. To me this offers hope. It's hopeful because it means experiencing negative thoughts, experiencing anxiety, experiencing depression does not mean you need to be fixed.  Therapy would not focus on fixing you, because you aren't broken. Instead, therapy would focus on helping you develop skills for mastering those difficult and sometimes intrusive thoughts and feelings, so that you can achieve your goals and live out your values. I look forward to working with you.

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