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Our mission at Positive Reset is to offer the highest quality services to the largest variety of  people regardless of age, location, or symptom. Communities, individuals and agencies receiving care from  Positive Reset will benefit by having the ease of access and timely services available at all times throughout the course of treatment. Services are provided by skilled clinicians with extensive education and training from various fields such as psychology, social work, medical, and holistic interventions. The clinical and administrative team remains current on all comprehensive treatment service techniques, community awareness, clinical interventions and modalities and are fully committed to delivering these services with the highest level of care.
A primary focus of our mission involves creating a calm, balanced, and emotionally fulfilling atmosphere for a client to feel safe seeking services from us. In ensuring all of our team members are well trained in the area of cultural competence we are able to ensure that all clients, regardless of  gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion or any other discriminatory criteria are afforded equal access to a culturally competence high skilled experience. 
  In supporting our mission to be a vital part of the community, we also serve as advocates for our clients in obtaining other services not provided by the agency, should the need for such services arise. We value our relationship with other local community providers and therefor, have a variety of providers in other specialty areas on hand for referrals, consultations or education.

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