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I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Board Certified in the state of Florida and North Carolina. I attended graduate school at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

I offer evidence-based therapy that matches current science to individual client needs and goals. My approach focuses on taking risks to try out new behavior, learning new skills to increase social connection, living more aligned with your values, and taking action that changes not just the way you think about your past, but the way you live in the present.

My approach starts with encouraging you to be open about who you are and what you've experienced. I assist with processing deep emotional pain and shame, learning concrete skills to become more emotionally attuned to your needs, and increasing confidence in your ability to connect with others and create a meaningful life.
Therapy can help you enhance your awareness of how your unrealistic or negative beliefs and thinking patterns about yourself and others undermine the quality of your life. Therapy can help you change those dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs. These changes in thinking will go hand-in-hand with improvements in your moods, decisions, quality of life. I have experience working with both developmentally normal challenges as well as more complex behavioral concerns related to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, disruptive behaviors, substance use, and trauma. I hold a master's degree and have obtained an advanced clinical license.
I work with clients to develop a sense of personal strength and capacity to set and achieve goals. I work with the clients and their families to understand the basis of their current challenge and collaborate to develop resources and skills that are developmentally appropriate for a successful resolution.
Adjusting to change is not always easy. Celebrate that you have decided to do so. I will be honored to assist you. It's not always easy seeking help due to stereotyping and biases as it relates to counseling. My life is driven by unconditional mercy & grace therefore I will provide a safe environment to share and explore old & new ways of thinking. 
 Life is not about how many times we get sidetracked, but about how we move forward when the unexpected changes what you thought was your future. I offer you a safe place with compassion, understanding, and expertise to help you to find your dreams again. Send me a message and let’s start a conversation.

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