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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • 1299 Farnam Street, Suite 300, Omaha, Nebraska, 68102
  • Phone: 402-997-0666
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  • Session Fees: Intake (first session): $175, Regular 45-60 sessions: $145. For clients who are not using insurance, I am happy to offer a sliding fee (reduced rate). Feel free to inquire further.

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How I Can Help You

As we collaborate in our work together, there are two primary approaches that I incorporate into psychotherapy: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Mindfulness Based Therapy (including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).
EMDR is an innovative approach that triggers the brain's natural tendency to heal through the use of sensory stimulation such as eye movements, sounds or tapping. The process addresses negative beliefs and replaces them with more realistic truths. It can resolve past issues, relieve present symptoms, and provide skills for dealing with the future.  I admit this may sound strange when you first hear about it, but EMDR is heavily researched and it is widely recognized as an effective treatment approach. 
Mindfulness based approaches draw on both behavioral psychology and meditative practices such as mindfulness (i.e., one's ability to relate to thoughts, emotions and experiences in an objective, accepting way). Through mindfulness, one can learn to:
  • Pay close attention to difficult thoughts and feelings, instead of avoiding them.
  • Develop a more objective mindset about difficult thoughts and feelings so as not to be entangled or caught up in them.
  • Gain psychological flexibility and freedom from automatic thoughts and behaviors.
  • Take action to create a rich and meaningful life. 

My Background

I've been providing individual, group, and family therapy in the areas of mental health and addiction since 2004. I began my private practice in Minneapolis, MN 2006, and after 10 years I have relocated my life and my practice to Omaha, NE.  In additional to private practice I have also worked as a counselor at a drug and alcohol treatment center and as a behavioral health coach for a behavioral health insurance company 
My education includes:
  • Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from the Minnesota School of Professional Counseling (now Argosy University)
  • Master of Divinity from Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from the University of North Dakota
In addition to my other training and experience, I also have over 15 years of experience in meditation practices, including transcendental meditation, Buddhist mindfulness meditation and contemplative prayer. As an experienced meditator, meditation has changed my life in profound ways, and I enjoy introducing the benefits of meditation to my clients as well.  

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