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Does life feel overwhelming at times? Do your relationships feel too distant or complicated? Do you have a hard time fully participating in and enjoying life?  Do you worry about hardships?  Do you ruminate or obsess, and have a hard time letting go of painful thoughts?  Do you struggle with perfectionism?

About Me
I am a licensed psychologist specializing in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, marriage difficulties, relationships, men's/women's issue, trauma, and parenting. I enjoy working with adults, executives, adolescents, couples, family members, and families.  I have the distinct privilege of working with these individuals.  

I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and completed a masters and a doctoral degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale/Davie, Florida.  

I am a member of the American Psychological Association and have served in clinics, residential facilities, and group practices. I am trained to blend and incorporate a variety of therapies and therapeutic approaches depending on your preference and style.  Together, we will collaborate to develop specific goals for you.

I strive to provide a compassionate, nonjudgmental space to help you heal and experience life more fully. Clients tell me I am authentic, caring, accepting, and real. I work with folks to help them process difficult emotions, create more meaningful relationships, and feel more empowered.  Clients often learn how to accept and embrace theirselves, their relationships, and their bodies.  Clients can begin to recognize their strengths and capitalize on them. 

Relationships in life 
Life is composed of relationships:  our relationship with ourself, spouse, our children, our boss and colleagues, work pursuits, friends, food, fun, sports, hobbies, and pets.  Why not learn how to improve these relationships?  Interestingly enough, learning to improve one or two can trickle over into others.  Learning to develop more self-compassion can help learn to feel more compassionate in other relationships.  Having empathy for yourself can help you empathize with others.  

I can be there to help no matter what life throws your way. Storms happen in life.  They are part of the human condition.  But, no storm has to last forever. And, sometimes, we can benefit from learning how to dance in the rain.  Remember all these difficult times build character and make us stronger.  You can learn to work through them, and I would be glad to help!

How to Contact Me  
I am currently in private practice in Harrisburg, NC and am equipped to file your insurance for you and would be happy to do so upon request.

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