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What Makes Therapy Effective? 
Research has shown that the most important element in the effectiveness of therapy is the positive regard the client feels from and towards their therapist.  With that said, congratulations! You have begun your journey of self discovery and healing by looking through this (and possibly other) websites to find a therapist that you will feel confident in and comfortable with.  Whether we utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Practices, Gestalt, Inner Child Work, Conscious Loving Couples Work, or any other modality-the therapeutic process will look somewhat different for every individual or couple-the gift of time and space to focus on your life, your relationships, and your goals is a precious and sacred gift you are affording yourself. Well done!
Why Pacific Coast Counseling? 
At Pacific Coast Counseling I offer a "home-like" atmosphere, warm and inviting, a nice cup of tea and not only the space to share your experiences and insights, but my own expertise in guiding, educating, and supporting you through life's biggest challenges. I am able to walk you through mindfulness practices, communication skills, goal setting and positive intentions that help change the way your brain operates at the most fundamental levels. We are also able to look at your family history and discover multi-generationsal patterns that you may be consciously or unconsciously living out that can be addressed, healed and changed for the better of all concerned. With warmth, humor, and down to earth practical advice, it is my intention to help you help yourself, heal yourself, and improve your relationships. You deserve to feel confident and whole in the way you're living your everyday life. With the level of support I can offer coupled with your diligent efforts, we can get you there.
What is My Approach? 
 As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Counseling Psychology, specializing in Mindfulness Practices and Positive Psychology,  I am also a Group Fitness Professional and Dance Instructor, as well as a Professional Health and Nutrition Coach trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. So, whether I'm working with individuals, couples or families we will address mental health from the prospective of Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirituality. I WILL call you out on behaviors or beliefs that are not serving you well. I will do this respectfully (and often with humor), however it can be difficult to look deeply at one's patterns, so I will always address this with the utmost compassion and respect. I will encourage you to feel your feelings and be real and honest with yourself. I will hold you responsible for showing up-to your sessions and to your life.
What will we do? 
We will set goals on all four levels of consciousness (Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual). Regardless of your personal beliefs, understanding how all of these areas effect you as a whole is, from my perspective, fundamental in making lasting and meaningful change in your life.  Thus, I have worked to educate myself and gain the personal and professional experience necessary to address:
1) How Food Affects Your Mood
2) How to Integrate Daily Movement (Exercise) into your life seamlessly
3) How to Change Your Brain through Mindfulness, Breathing Exercises, Affirmations, and Meditation
4) How to Understand and Make Sense of Tragedy and Upset Through Reframing Issues as Blessings
5) How to Listen and Communicate Respectfully to Yourself and Others 
5) How to Forgive Yourself and Others, and Turn Negative Judgment into Healthy Discernment
 Having done this work for over 20 years, I bring great knowledge, personal experience and training to our work. And, having gone through much of my own work, I offer humility, humor and humaness: we're all doing the best we can, after all. 
What Will I Have To Commit To? 
 Therapy is a process and a commitment. I meet with my clients weekly, and offer either 60 or 90 minute sessions. We set goals and intentions for our work together, and discuss the best ways to approach those goals given your personal insights thus far, and my expertise and attunement to you. I will give you a blank diary to bring to each session, and will often have homework, reading, or exercises for you to do between session. As you gain insight, experience change and healing, and begin to feel and do better in life we can discuss meeting less frequently and look at other sources of ongoing support to assist you in maintaining your gains.
If you are looking for a place to simply "dump" your problems and vent your frustrations without doing any of the work mentioned above, then honestly I am NOT the therapist for you.  If you are highly motivated, ready to work and want a positive and consistent change in your life, then let's get started (and have some fun)!

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